September 2011 Schedule

September is the calm before he crazy community calendar in October. Heartland Developer Conference, Sep. 7-9 My first trip to Omaha, and I'm looking forward to a big steak dinner. I'm presenting two talks at HDC:

Using ASP.NET Authentication in Silverlight Applications It's a fair bet that most applications require a membership repository of some sort. With .NET 2.0, Microsoft shipped the ASP.NET Authentication Provider, which made it very easy to add a full-featured membership repository to ASP.NET applications. This same authentication provider can be used in Silverlight applications without a lot of work. New project templates released with Silverlight 4 and RIA Services make this provider even easier to work with. In this session, we'll review the capabilities of this provider and see how we implement and extend it with Silverlight applications. jQuery Onramp If 50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong, then 19,000,000 websites are pretty close to a sure thing. Since its release in 2006, jQuery has gained a tremendous following--so much so that in 2008, Microsoft made the decision to replace its then 20-month old ASP.NET Ajax framework with jQuery for all future client side programming libraries. In this session, we'll review some JavaScript fundamentals to see how jQuery is built and how to use jQuery. We'll then spin up a simple sample application and see what jQuery can do for our applications. Whether you develop in WebForms, MVC or PHP, there's something in this session to be learned.

Windows Phone 7 Development Day, Sep 20 [update 2011-09-15] Due to a scheduling conflict in the MS office, the WP7 Dev Day had to be cancelled. The user group meeting is still a go for this day. Stay tuned for more details about Dev Day. [/update] This is the first of two Windows Phone 7 events in Pittsburgh. This will be a great day of WP7 information, with Henry Lee, John Hook and Greg Lutz speaking. I'm not speaking at this one, but I'll be around helping out. The Firestarter will be held in the Microsoft offices, and the Pittsburgh .NET UG meeting had been rescheduled for the same day--plan to stick around and see Sarah Dutkiewicz (all the way from Cleveland) present on PowerShell. Registration link for Sarah's PowerShell talk is The Code Project’s Virtual Tech Summit on HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, Sep 28 This is a free online event premiering Sept 28 focusing on the key emerging Web standards and frameworks: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. I'm not actually presenting two talks at two conferences on the same day--this talk will be prerecorded. I'm delivering the closing keynote:

HTML5: Retrospective, Perspective, and Precognition In this lighthearted keynote, Rich Dudley looks back on the history of HTML and the World Wide Web, where we are with today's technologies, and what the future holds for us as web developers.

NoDeNUG, Sep 28 I'm travelling to Wilmington, DE to present to NoDeNUG. This is a stop on my way to NYC for the NYC Code Camp on Oct 1. At NoDeNUG, I'm talking about:

Connecting WP7 and Azure with WCF Windows Phone 7 and Azure are hot topics this year, and the two together is a winning combination. In this session, we'll have a short overview of Azure and WCF, then look at the free tools and guidelines used to build applications for WP7 (you don't even need a phone to get started). We'll then dig in and create a Windows Phone 7 application which utilizes data stored in SQL Azure and accessed via WCF web services. By the end of this session, we'll have an understanding of how to build a cloud-backed WP7 app, and be familiar with the resources to do so.


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