Six Big Things to Improve on Windows Phone 7

Following my Six Small Ways Windows Phone 7 Can Improve, here is my list of six larger ways Windows Phone 7 could be improved. Again, I'm sure these will change in the future. And don't worry, I have a list of things that rock about WP7 coming, too.

[update 2011-01-06]

As announced in a recent blog post, #1 below will be remedied in a January update.


1. Copy and Paste. Microsoft's philosophy is to use launchers rather than copy and paste. For instance, instead of copying and pasting a URL into a browser, simply launch the browser. Sounds good at first, and I really like the technology, but I don't always want to launch. Sometimes, I want to store a URL in my password keeper. Adding copy and paste makes this a real winner.

2. Multitasking. With my Droid, I can stream Pandora and record a set in my workout log. No can do with WP7 yet. Disappointing.

3. Better navigation options with the onscreen keyboard. If I want to go back a fix a typo, I either have to backspace or be a good tapper with my finger. Both are frustrating. How about some arrow keys in that long list of keyboard options?

4. The long list of installed apps. I have about 100 apps on my Droid, which displays them four columns wide. That will be a long list on a WP7 device, which displays apps one column.

5. Enterprises which create their own internal apps have to install these apps via the app hub, or developer unlock every phone. Right now, that means your internal app will be public, or you'll have an unmanageable number of devices which need to be touched manually for any upgrade.

6. Infinite back button stack. The phone remembers everything you've done, and you can literally retrace 20 or more previous activities with the back button. You know what I mean if you've noticed this.


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