SpreadJS 2015v1 has landed

I am glad to announce that Spread 2015v1 has landed! SpreadJS 2015 v1 is the fist release of 2015, enhances formulas and functions, improves many functions and designer features based on customer feedback, makes SpreadJS easier to program, and helps you create a powerful application. Features in this release includes:

  • Formula Enhancements

Improves formula functions include volatile functions, SUBTOTAL function, INDIRECT function, and also added AsyncFunction class which is used to make an async custom function.

  • Designer Binding Template Enhancement

Easy to design cell level binding template in designer, data source schema can be loaded and show fields in the field list panel to create a cell level binding path.

  • Serialization Enhancements

Improvements for serialize customized types include CellType, Function, Formatter, SparklineEx and RowFilter. And also there is an option indicates whether data source value will be serialized or not.

  • Filter Enhancements

Added two override methods into RowFilter class so that you can have actions for filtering and un-filtering. And it is possible to hide the filter button for a specific column.

  • Header CellType Enhancement

Provides ability to process mouse events for header celltype, allows you to customize mouse behaviors for row or column headers.

  • More...

For more details in this release, please visit the what's new page. And you can also visit SpreadJS product page for more information of the product.


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