SpreadJS Designer and Tables

The SpreadJS designer allows you to create tables quickly and without code. Use the following steps to create a table in the designer.

  1. Add the table data to the designer. SpreadJSTableDesigner1 Table Data
  2. Select the table data. Select the Insert tab. SpreadJSTableDesigner2 Add Table
  3. Select the Table option. The Create Table dialog is displayed. spreadjstabledesigner3 Data Range
  4. Specify the data range for the table. The default range is the selected data.
  5. Select OK to create the table. The Design tab is displayed. SpreadJStabledesigner4 Design Tab Table properties and options are displayed in the Design tab after adding the table. The following table lists the table options in the Design tab:



    Table Name

    The name for the table.

    Resize Table

    This option allows you to change the size of the table.

    Insert Slicer

    This option adds a table slicer.

    Header Row

    This option adds a header row

    Total Row

    This option adds a row for formulas at the end of the table.

    First Column

    This option highlights the first column.

    Last Column

    This option highlights the last column.

    Banded Columns

    This option sets colors for alternating columns.

    Filter Button

    This option adds a filter button.


    This option allows you to set table styles.

  6. Specify the table options for the table.

The following table has a formula row and an additional column of values. You can type formulas in the cells of the formula row, such as =SUM(C1:C30). spreadjstabledesigner5 Table with Formula


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