SpreadJS DevChannel 11.0.5 Hotfix Available

Available today in the SpreadJS DevChannel: Hotfix 11.0.5.

Bugs fixed in 11.0.5:

  • 254754: Fixed copy/paste performance issues.

  • 254912: Fixed an issue where the line width is different when copying from SpreadJS and pasting into Excel.

  • 254783: Fixed a problem after importing SSJSON where deleting rows/columns causes SpreadJS crashes.

  • 254960: Fixed an issue with DateTime formatting not importing correctly.

  • 255202: Fixed a problem where the DEL keypress doesn't work in the Edge browser.

  • 253512: Fixed an issue where the DATEDIF function result is different from Excel.

The Spread DevChannel is a great way to get hotfixes and preview new features. To gain access to the DevChannel, register or login to your GrapeCity.com account.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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