SpreadJS Hotfix 11.2.6 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 11.2.6 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 11.2.6

  • 264236: Fixed an issue where drag-swapping columns in a page causes a loss of data binding.
  • 264538: Fixed a problem with the LOOKUP formula calculation.
  • 264328: Fixed an issue with exported Excel files not following the Open XML specification.
  • 263663: Fixed performance degradation issues with applying styles on cells from V 11.0.6 to V 11.2.4.
  • 263964: Fixed a problem where backColor is null after importing.
  • 263997: Fixed an issue where adding a chart crashes when selecting a column.
  • 260624: Fixed a problem where the full DataRange area is not highlighted when selecting a Bubble chart.
  • 261840: Fixed an issue where the FIXED formula calculates incorrectly.
  • 264253: Fixed a problem where the “Fill No Color” conditional formatting option doesn’t work after saving.
  • 264259: Fixed differences between Spread Designer and Excel style combination.
  • 264411: Fixed a problem where an exception is thrown when opening an Excel file in SpreadJS.
  • 264501: Fixed issues where the Date column in a data-bound table doesn’t export to Excel properly.
  • 264553: Fixed a problem where an Excel file doesn’t load properly in Spread.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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