SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.3 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.3 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 12.0.3

  • 267766: Fixed an issue that makes the positioning of context menu sub items incorrect.

  • 268025: Fixed a calculation issue with the QUARTILE.EXC function.

  • 267785: Fixed a problem where 100% Stacked charts don’t render correctly when some series are plotted on the secondary axis.

  • 267933: Fixed an issue with data filters shifting down when adding rows.

  • 267662: Fixed a display issue with floating objects.

  • 267663: Fixed a problem where negative numbers do not display the negative sign when the number is set to [=0]””;General.

  • 267149: Fixed an issue that causes empty cells to show no border.

  • 267035: Fixed an export issue where the %formatter is lost when exporting to Excel.

  • 267454: Fixed a problem that does not allow tables to be pasted in the same place.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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