SpreadJS V9 Service Pack 1 Fixed Bugs

In this article, you will find all of the SpreadJS bugs that were fixed in the first Service Pack release of Spread V9. To download Spread V9 Service Pack 1, click here.


  • The hitTest method now works correctly when filters are applied.
  • Certain Excel-formatted files now import correctly.
  • Scrolling issues after importing certain Excel files are fixed.
  • Margins now import correctly when importing Excel-formatted files.
  • Formulas now recalculate correctly when invoking the Sheet.reset method.
  • The DragFillBlock event now works correctly with merged cells.
  • Pasted values are now recognized correctly.
  • Updating CustomFloatingObject content now works correctly.
  • Unlocking cells with conditional formatting applied now works correctly.
  • TypeScript definitions for Cell properties are now correct.
  • Conditional formatting correctly exports to Excel now.
  • Deleting data when using the Safari browser on Mac OS now works correctly.
  • Header text is now displayed correctly when setting the default row height.
  • Hidden row values are no longer displayed in data filters.
  • The autoFitRow method now works correctly when hiding columns.
  • The filter dialog now works correctly during data input.
  • Searching now works correctly with the French locale setting.
  • The DATEDIF formula now works correctly.
  • Comments are now displayed properly when loading a sheet and re-adding comments.
  • The T.INV formula now works correctly.
  • The moveToNextCellThenControl method now works correctly when the row count is zero.
  • Long dates are now formatted correctly.
  • Importing Excel-formatted files with images now works correctly.
  • SpreadJS now works correctly within a scrollable container.
  • Custom data validation is now saved correctly to an Excel-formatted file.
  • The SpreadJS Designer now displays the correct names in the name manager.
  • Cells with line breaks are now pasted correctly.
  • The cellType.processMouseEnter/processMouseLeave functions now work correctly when scrolling.
  • The row filter now works correctly when cells contain line breaks.
  • The dirty status is now set correctly when editing a cell with a line break.
  • Performance issues with loading certain SSJSON files are now fixed.
  • SpreadJS now displays properly on Mac OS.
  • The German culture setting now works correctly with certain values.
  • Printing to PDF now works correctly.
  • Scrolling now works correctly with large column widths.
  • Row filters now work correctly when cells contain HTML tags.
  • Formulas that reference other sheets now update correctly.
  • The recalcAll method now works correctly.
  • The Excel import and export DLLs now display the correct version number.
  • Merged cells are now pasted correctly.
  • Custom culture now works correctly.
  • The qualityFactor method has now been added.
  • The formula text box now uses the correct culture setting.
  • Excel-formatted files are now exported correctly when using the German culture.
  • The ACCRINT formula now works correctly.
  • The ADDRESS formula now works correctly.
  • The spread.fromJSON method now works correctly.
  • Certain Excel-formatted files now load correctly.
  • The SpreadJS Designer now displays comments correctly.
  • The general formatter now works correctly.
  • The ExcelIO DLLs now contain the correct information.
  • When saving to SSJSON, rowHeaderColWidth and colHeaderRowHeight now return the correct types.
  • The addRows method now works correctly with formulas.
  • Cell values are now formatted correctly when using German culture settings.


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