Today is a great day around the ComponentOne offices as we're proud to announce our 2011 v3 edition of our tools has been released! If you're new to ComponentOne, have been looking us over, or you've been using our stuff for years, you'll definitely want to take a look at what we have to offer in v3. You can do this by taking a look at our new Sample Explorer or heading over to the product page. I'd also like to take a couple minutes to highlight some of the big changes in v3.

Studio for Entity Framework

If you're an Entity Framework user, Studio for Entity Framework is designed to help you save time and headaches by simplifying and enhancing the experience of using Entity Framework. This tool allows you to use EF in design time mode, so though it was just another data source. It solves common issues with paging, sorting, filtering, etc. It's also optimized to give you better performance when dealing with large datasets. Best of all, you're not tied into using Studio for Entity Framework with just our components. Studio for Entity Framework works behind the scenes and can be used with existing applications that may or may not use our controls.

Studio for WinForms

We're adding a couple new controls to Studio for WinForms. Below is an example of our new C1ScheduleTimelineView. If you're looking for that classic Outlook look and feel in your WinForm applications, this is a great way to go.

Next is the addition of the new C1SplitContainer, which lets you quickly and easily create multiple panels. This is a great enhancement over the old splitter, which only support two panels.

Studio for Windows Phone

In this update to Studio for Windows Phone, we're adding 4 new controls:

Context Menu


Progress Bar

Toggle Switch

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Web developers! We haven't forgotten about you! Check out the sweet suite of new controls coming your way!

HTML5 Editor

Need something more robust than a standard HTML textbox? Try out the new HTML5 text editor.


We have a new linear and radial gauges rendered in awesome SVG! No plugins required for these.

Multimedia Controls

We have a couple new multimedia controls for your applications. These include Lightboxes, photo galleries, image carousels, and HTML5 video players.

Download Today!

I hope you liked this preview of what ComponentOne's 2011 v3 suite has to offer. Remember, this is only a fraction of what we've done in this update. I encourage you to go download the trial versions right now and give us your feedback. Thanks! Kevin Griffin Follow me on Twitter