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We have just unveiled the CTP of our new Studio for Windows Phone. For this first release, we've taken several of our popular Silverlight 4 controls and ported them to the Silverlight for Phone platform. These controls are designed to extend and enhance the Windows Phone tools by providing advanced controls (such as Charts and RichTextBox) and filling the gap with other common, missing controls.

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Visualize your data with over 30 chart types. This control supports everything offered by the Silverlight and WPF version except trend lines and image export. You can combine multiple chart types, plot areas and axes into one chart, display data labels and add user interaction and animation.


Visually flip through items in this familiar UI control made popular by Apple. This is a great control for the mobile interface and offers a different visual experience from the panorama.


This simple layout panel enables you to dock elements to the top, bottom, left and right edges of the container. Don't leave WinForms without it!


This enhanced stack panel makes your list a bit more hyper-active. A zoom effect is applied to the panel's items based upon the user's touch point.


Rotate, skew, translate and skew any elements of your UI with ease. This functionality is missing from the Windows Phone toolkit.


View map tiles from various sources including support for KML overlays. You can even superimpose your own custom elements on the maps.


This simple editor provides a textbox with a mask that prevents users from entering invalid characters.


This handy editor enables precise displaying and editing of formatted numeric values. Restrict user input to just numbers for values such as currencies and percentages.


This very popular Silverlight and WPF controls is completely ported to the Windows Phone. Add simple PDF viewing capabilities to your mobile apps with support for zooming and text searching.


This control is used within C1CoverFlow giving you a styled reflection for simply one item. Note that the additional Media Effects are not supported in Windows Phone.


Not just a RichText_Block_, this control supports both displaying and editing HTML. For this first release we just give you the text area and rich formatting methods - you provide the rest of the UI.


These basic panels allow different layout scenarios, as their names imply, and can be useful for gaming apps.

What can you expect in future releases?

We want to hear from you in our community. User feedback will play a major role in determining what controls and features are in the final release, which is planned for later in the year.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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