Talent Audition and Open Blog Call- Studio Enterprise v2 Launch

With the v2 release of Studio Enterprise we are calling all .NET bloggers to watch the “What’s New in Studio Enterprise 2011 v2,” video. Think you have a better voice or want to share with us how you would use any one of the controls in your own dev work? Send us your short video clip or a link to your blog post. We’ll post them to our Community site and maybe even Facebook. G-rated only, please. Questions, email evet@componentone.com

MVC and ASP.NETcontrols). A big advantage is that a development team using the ComponentOne controls will be able to take on any style of web development all while using a single framework. With the refresh of the www.silverlight.netwebsite earlier this week, we announced our lineup of Silverlight and WPF controls has been enhanced and expanded. A big plus to international users is the announcement that we translated and included built-in localization for all controls in 14 languages. New to the Silverlight and WPF lineup is an Excel component that can read and write to Microsoft Excel files from C# or VB.NET code. A user may create or load an existing Excel Workbook and access individual sheets as if they were a simple grid composed of rows, columns, and cells. Helping to enhance the layout of Silverlight and WPF apps, the v2 TileView control is an interactive items control that allows users to expand and collapse tiles to view more or less information. Lets not forget the new Windows 7 library of useful components specifically for the Windows 7 operating system. These controls allow a user to easily manage progress indicators, thumbnails, and jump lists on the Windows 7 taskbar as well as create and display custom dialogs. On the horizon in late August 2011 is the release to web (RTW) of our Windows Phone controls. Currently in Community Technology Preview (CTP), the suite of controls enables mobile developers to create advanced apps with ease. This studio of over 10 Silverlight controls is designed to enhance the rich user experience of the Windows Phone 7, making effective use of the phone’s form factor, touch and gesture capabilities, and Metro theme. Want more? Best to see it in action, so be sure to download it today. www.componentone.com/download


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