Top 3 reasons why HTML 5 is the gold standard for mobile development

New headlines are cropping up about HTML5 Form and its benefits all the time. Look left and there's a burgeoning enterprise leveraging the programming language to launch its first mobile app. Look right and HTML5 is being used for game performance on iOS 8. When it comes to running a business, you want the best resources possible at your disposal. As the range of positive headlines about HTML5 indicates, it is one such asset. But in order to more concretely illustrate why HTML5 is the right choice for your enterprise, here are a few of the reasons it has become the golden standard for mobile app creation:

  • It is an evolving technology: In the tech sphere, every good thing is in a constant state of development. Just think about how many times Facebook or Snapchat will notify you that an update is available for their app. When it comes to tech, being in a state of flux is a good thing. It means progress. Therefore, as Business​ 2 Community contributor Ben Smye pointed out, it represents a significant advantage for HTML5 users that its infrastructure is always evolving. Since it first burst onto the scene, HTML5 has grown and expanded by leaps and bounds in terms of what it offers to its users. When it comes to a platform you need to launch a successful business app, you want something that will be able to keep pace with the times. HTML5 fits the bill in that regard.
  • It can function on a host of different platforms: If you make a company app that's only compatible with iPhones, then you alienate everyone with an Android or Windows device. Make an exclusively Android app and you have the same problem, except now with Apple. As a business, you can't afford to leave prospective users out of the equation simply because of a compatibility issue. Therefore, you need an app ecosystem that will work across devices. HTML5 is the answer to that problem, since it is designed to work on any device. This also saves significant time on the development end, since by harnessing HTML5 you won't have to worry about designing different app iterations for various device users.
  • It offers opportunities beyond mobile devices. As much as we associate "app" with "smartphone," the former does not need the latter in order to exist. After all, remember those things called Web apps? Well you'll want to remember, since as Developer Economics contributor Iker Jamardo pointed out, there's quite a bit of potential in enterprise Web app development. Fortunately, HTML5 isn't just a tool for building mobile apps - it also is a robust tool for Web app creation. This versatility on the part of HTML5 will only become more important moving forward.

    "Hundreds of traditionally native apps are turning into Web apps as they provide advantages like interoperability, ubiquity and cross-platform," Jamardo stated. "The features added in the new HTML5 standard allow a much more dynamic Web content and the development of applications never before imaginable on the Web."


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