Upgrade ActiveReports 2 COM Reports to ActiveReports 7

ActiveReports 7 happens to be latest addition to the legacy of ActiveReports. Talking of legacy, we still have few customers who are still using the COM version of ActiveReports, and would like to migrate to ActiveReports 7 which targets the .NET platform. In order to migrate reports created in ActiveReports COM (ActiveReports 2.0) to ActiveReports7**, older designer files (DSR/DSX) must be saved as RPX files in the ActiveReports 2.0 Designe**r before they can be imported into the new version of ActiveReports. Here are the steps to convert ActiveReports 2.0 files to RPX:

  1. Open Visual Basic 6.0**.**
  2. Open the Active Report 2.0 report file.
  3. In the Active Reports 2.0 report window ->Click on File option in the Report Window (Not the File menu option in VB 6 main menu) ->Save As

Following the above steps will save the files with .RPX extension and can be used as a layout for Section Based reports. More information regarding use of RPX files as layout for Section Reports is available here. However, please note that ActiveReports does not import Visual Basic or scripting code into .NET, all VB script will need to be re-written as per .NET language specifications.


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