Viewing SSRS Reports with FlexViewer

Having a viewer to preview SSRS reports is the most crucial requirement for any reporting tool. FlexViewer not only takes care of this requirement, but it also supports a number of SSRS report features. In addition, it provides an extensive API to customize the viewer per user needs.

How to Bind FlexViewer with SSRS Report Server

To view SSRS reports that are hosted on a report server, follow these basic steps to bind the server with FlexViewer:

  1. Create a Windows application in C# or Visual Basic.
  2. Under C1WinForms 4.0 toolbox tab, locate C1FlexViewer and C1SSRSDocumentSource and drop them on the form.

FlexViewer Toolbox FlexViewer Toolbox SSRS DocumentSource Toolbox SSRS DocumentSource Toolbox Observe that C1SSRSDocumentSource drops in component tray. 3. Select C1SSRSDocumentSource and set the DocumentLocation and Connection > Credentials properties as per the Report server on which your SSRS reports are hosted. FlexViewer SSRS Document Location FlexViewer SSRS Document Location SSRS FlexViewer Credentials SSRS FlexViewer Credentials

  1. Select C1FlexViewer and set DocumentSource to c1SSRSDocumentSource1.

  2. Run the project and the SSRS report is previewed in FlexViewer.

FlexViewer With SSRS Reports FlexViewer With SSRS Reports

Adding Parameter Value to SSRS Reports

Now let's see how to add a parameter value to existing report parameter:

public partial class Form1 : Form  
public Form1()  

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)  
c1SSRSDocumentSource1.DocumentLocation =  
new SSRSReportLocation("", "AdventureWorks/Sales Order Detail");  
c1SSRSDocumentSource1.Parameters[0].Value = "SO43661";  
c1FlexViewer1.DocumentSource = c1SSRSDocumentSource1;  
private void c1SSRSDocumentSource1_SecurityError(object sender, C1.Win.C1Document.SecurityErrorEventArgs e)  
var ds = (C1.Win.C1Document.C1SSRSDocumentSource)sender;  
ds.Credential = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("ssrs_demo", "*");  
e.Retry = true;  

This is how the parameter appears in the Parameter panel at runtime: Parameter in FlexViewer Parameter in FlexViewer

FlexViewer Compared with Microsoft Report Viewer

Here's a feature comparison of FlexViewer with MS Report Viewer w.r.t. SSRS reports:

Viewer Features


MS Report Viewer

UI Look

Modern Ribbon-based UI

Traditional UI WinForms Style

Print Layout

Refresh Report

Stop Report Processing

Interactivity with SSRS Report


Outlines (Bookmarks)



Drill-through to other report

Drill-down reports

Jump within report

Sorting reports with Sort button

Page Navigation

Previous Page

Next Page

First Page

Last Page

History Back button


History Forward button



Zoom In/Out Buttons


Set Report to Page Width

Set Report to Whole Page

Set Report to Actual Size


Custom Zoom (Set Zoom Percentage)

Facing Pages, Cover on Right




Page Columns


Export SSRS Report

PDF (.pdf)

Excel (.xls)


Excel (.xlsx)


Word (.doc)


Word (.docx)


Web Archive (.mhtml)

CSV (.csv)

Tiff Image (.tiff)

BmpImage (.bmp)


Enhanced Meta file(.emf)


Gif Image (.gif)


Jpeg Image (.jpg)


Png Image (.png)


XML File


Set Page Orientation Directly in Viewwer

Portrait button


Landscape button


Page Setup


Find string Textbox

Next/Previous Occurrences

Match Case


Whole word



Hand Tool


Text Selection


Copy Text


Note: In FlexViewer, zoom options like Facing, Portrait, Landscape, Page setup, Print, and Thumbnails are available only when Print Layout mode is turned on.

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