Webinar - Introduction to ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin

ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin has been re-architected to better serve our users and the Xamarin platform in general. The new control suite brings a many exciting new features for cross-platform development. In this webinar we'll cover the basics of Xamarin's platform, and the exciting new features in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin. With improved performance, support for Xamarin's designers, and many new control features it's one of our most exciting releases.

Topics covered include:

  • A brief overview of Xamarin
  • What's new in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin
  • Getting started using the Studio for Xamarin controls

You'll learn :

  • How to add Nuget packages to your Xamarin apps using Visual Studio to add additional controls
  • How to build a Xamarin.Forms app using Calendar and view your code changes in the XAML Previewer
  • How to build and customize a Xamarin.iOS app with FlexGrid and CollectionView to enable the on-demand loading of data and pull-to-refresh

Watch the Xamarin Webinar Video

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Kelley Ricker

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