What's new for WPF and UWP in 2017 v2

The 2017 v2 release packs a number of updates for the Xaml platforms (including WPF, UWP, and Xamarin). While our ComponentOne Xamarin Edition controls leave beta (which you can read more about here), both WPF and UWP have a number of substantial new features in this release that will be of interest for most developers. In this article, we'll give a broad overview here of what's coming in Xaml 2017 v2.


Office2016 Themes

We've added new office 2016 themes for our WPF controls in this release so that you can provides similar styling in your apps. This includes several new light and dark themes:* Office2016 Colorful

  • Office2016 Dark Gray
  • Office2016 White
  • Office2016 Black OfficeThemes

Project Templates

We've added a couple of project templates including a "Grid with Menu Template" and "Docking" so you can get started quickly with our FlexGrid and Docking controls respectively. These are readily available under the C1 tab when creating a new solution in Visual Studio: ProjectTemplates Grid with Menu - This template gets you started with a FlexGrid based app with an included menu and toolbar that you can easily modify to suite your needs. GridWithMenu Docking - This template gets you started with a Docking app with an included menu and toolbar that you can change quickly and easily with new menu, toolbar, and tab items. DockingApp

FlexGrid RowDetails

The WPF FlexGrid has been updated with the popular RowDetails feature that enables a new method of displaying additional hierarchical data with your FlexGrid trough the use of an easy template: RowDetailsWPF The details section is collapsible, and it frees you to only present summary data in each row of your FlexGrid. The row details section can be displayed when a user taps on a row, and it can greatly simplify the presentation of your data.


We've added several new customer requested features:* A property for BackColor for specific days

  • Legend and View tab have been added to the Print Dialog
  • Added new Custom Print Styles These small enhancements should make working with the GanttView a little easier.


The PDFDocumentSource library leaves beta and makes it easy to load and view your PDF in FlexViewer. PdfDocumentSource can also independently search keywords in your PDF, export, and print your PDF files. The library is cross-platform and will work across WPF, UWP, and WinForms.

FlexChart Treemap

We've added a new Treemap chart type to FlexChart that adds a new way to display hierarchical information combined with relative quantity: Treemap

FlexReport FlexChartField

The FlexChartField for FlexReport also leaves beta in this release, and it provides a powerful way to embed charts into your FlexReports using our FlexChart control. This library is cross-platform for WPF, UWP, and Winforms, and it let's you enhance your reports with all of following chart types supported by FlexChart: Bar, Area, Line, Scatter, Column, LineSymbols, Spline, SplineSymbols, SplineArea, Candlestick, HighLowOpenClose, and Funnel.


UWP is getting many of the same features as WPF. Since we've already covered the features above, we'll simply list them out here:* FlexGrid RowDetails

  • PDFDocumentSource
  • FlexChart Treemap
  • FlexReport FlexChartField Also worth mentioning is that with the full release of ComponentOne Xamarin Edition our Xamarin.Forms controls have also added UWP support, so for developers more interested in cross-platform over strictly UWP specificaly, we now have a second option with a slightly different control set.


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