What's New in ComponentOne Studio: May 2016 v1.5 Service Pack

It's May 2016, and time for our v1.5 service pack release.

Try Our New Beta Controls! RTW: July 2016

FlexViewer for UWP

FlexReport for UWP was released in v1 as a beta report control for all Windows 10 devices. As you may already know, it's faster and more flexible than our competitors' reporting controls, and also includes the FlexReport Designer, a standalone report designer that allows you to generate reports virtually code-free. FlexViewer allows you to view your FlexReports using UWP's standard design practices, ensuring it's well-suited for viewing on any Windows 10 device, from laptop to Windows Phone. Basic report viewing features include:

  • Page navigation
  • Jump to bookmark
  • Parameters
  • Export to multiple image and doc types
  • Print page settings
  • Print

Export reports with FlexViewer for UWP (beta) Export reports with FlexViewer for UWP (beta) Read more about FlexViewer for UWP.

PDF DocumentSource for FlexViewer in WinForms

FlexViewer for WinForms now adds PDF document viewing! While the beta has limited functionality, you'll be able to:

  • Search text
  • Zoom
  • Change page views

    View PDFs in FlexViewer for WinForms. View PDFs in FlexViewer for WinForms.

FlexChart for WPF

FlexChart is a newly designed, re-architected chart control that we've been releasing across all of our platforms. It's currently in beta in WinForms, and you can see the MVC version in action in the FlexChart demo. FlexChart for WPF (Beta) FlexChart for WPF (Beta) Read more about FlexChart for WPF.

WinForms Enhancements

  • Word for WinForms is now available as a component from the Toolbox. You can set properties at Design time and load or save Word and RTF documents at runtime.
  • PDF DocumentSource provides PDF viewing in FlexViewer.
  • FlexReport
    • Supports unbound chart
  • FlexChart
    • Added custom rendering events
    • New sample for RangeSelector
    • New sample for Axis Scrollbar
  • C1TouchToolkit
    • Removed ZoomFont overrides from the C1FlexGridZoomPolicy policy. This functionality is implemented in the C1FlexGrid control.​​
    • C1Ribbon and C1StatusBar are excluded from zooming and not affected by C1Zoom. ​​
  • C1Command​
    • C1DockingTab: Added new event AutoHidingChanging. This event fires when the AutoHiding property is about to change. Allows to cancel the change.
    • C1CommandLink: Added methods OpenSubmenu() and CloseSubmenu(). These methods open or close a submenu for linked C1CommandMenu.
    • C1DockingTab: Added TabClick event in C1DockingTab and DockingTabPage.
    • C1CommandDock: Added DockingStyle like in VS2012. ​
  • ​GanttView
    • Added Layout dialog and new properties ShowLinks, BarHeight, AdaptiveBarHeight, etc​
  • Input
    • ​​C1ComboBox
      • New property UseItemsBindingSource. Keeps SelectionIndex property synchronized with BindingSource.Position.
      • HtmlPattern mode now supports multiple field names in the pattern like this: {FieldName}. This allows to make multi column combo boxes.
      • Improved performance when 4000+ items are added to its drop down.​
    • RangeSlider: added SmallChange, LargeChange, ScrollBehavior, Style.SelectedAreaColor, Styles.ThumbStyle.Padding properties.
  • Schedule​​​
    • C1Schedule.SelectedIntervalChanged fired when the same time interval is selected in other visible group.
  • Ribbon
    • Supported loading the custom theme bitmaps for the Office2007 visual styles.

MVC Enhancements

  • Client-side Intellisense support has been added for controls in TypeScript.

WPF Enhancements

  • ​​Adding FlexChart as a beta control.
  • RichTextBox
    • ​​Add Ctrl+b, Ctrl+i, Ctrl+u shortcuts
    • Convert URL string as a hyperlink when press​ Enter/Space key
  • DataGrid
  • Olap
    • ​​Customize the sort order of the header fields​​​​

UWP Enhancements

  • Adding FlexViewer as a beta control.
  • FlexChart
    • Added custom rendering events
    • Added UWP gestures
  • New MVVM sample has been added

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