What's New in ComponentOne Studio v1, 2015

What's New in v1 2015

New features in the latest release of ComponentOne Studio .NET controls for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, WinRT, Windows Phone, and Silverlight.

ASP.NET Web Forms

  • EventsCalendar Custom View

    Create custom views in EventsCalendar with ease, now you can define your own views. For example, display a two week view or two months view.

  • EventsCalendar Export

    The EventsCalendar control now supports exporting to a PDF file or to an image file by using an export service; the exported file shows events and the EventsCalendar UI.

  • New Chart Navigator Control

    The new C1ChartNavigator lets you create Overview Plus Detail charts using our Bar/Column, Line/Area and CandleStick charts.


  • New ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition

    Our newest edition, the ASP.NET MVC Edition provides a set of modern UI controls built on all the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and ECMAScript 5, without making compromises to support legacy browsers. The ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition features fast and lightweight controls ranging from data management to data visualization, project templates, and professionally designed themes.


  • Reporting Enhancements

    Reports for WinForms includes several enhancements including an improved look and feel in the C1ReportDesigner application and in other UI components, improved Crystal Reports import, a non-paginated SSRS viewer (similar to Reports for WinRT), new text search bar as an alternative to the search panel in the C1PrintPreviewControl, and C1Report scripting enhancements (better designer script editor and "global" script module per report).

  • New RangeSlider Control

    The new RangeSlider control in Input for WinForms goes beyond a basic slider control and provides two thumb elements instead of one, allowing end users to select data ranges at run time.

  • GanttView Enhancements

    This release includes performance enhancements in GanttView for WinForms and the ability to add or delete tasks conditionally.

  • Right-to-left Support in Tiles

    Tiles for WinForms now includes RTL (Right-to-left) support to improve localization in your apps.

  • Cube Support

    OLAP for WinForms now includes SASS Cube Support and asynchronous processing. At run time users can build reports from cube data just like regular data sets.


  • Asynchronous OLAP Processing

    OLAP for WPF now features improved performance with asynchronous data processing. Now when users create complex pivots or work with large data sets, the C1Olap controls will work in the background freeing up the user interface thread so the application remains responsive.

  • New FlexSheet Control (Beta)

    FlexSheet is a new spin on an old classic. Extending the C1FlexGrid control, C1FlexSheet provides additional Microsoft Excel-like functionality for your WPF applications. Easily import spreadsheets, apply formulas, manipulate rows and perform cell styling. It's the FlexGrid you know and love but with more features aimed at delivering a more Excel-like experience.

  • Add Bar Codes to WPF Apps

    Easily render and display barcodes and 2D barcodes in your WPF applications with the new BarCode for WPF

  • ShapeFile Support in Maps

    Maps for WPF now allows you to provide custom map layers and custom shapes drawn on top of maps using ShapeFile formatted geographic files.


  • View SSRS Reports

    Bring the power of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to your Windows apps with SSRS Viewer for WinRT. This control allows you to easily embed SSRS reports directly into your applications.

  • New Stock Portfolio Sample

    The new sample demonstrates how ComponentOne Studio WinRT Edition can be used in real world financial applications. Featuring Chart for WinRT and FlexGrid for WinRT, the application plots and displays live stock information.

  • FlexGrid Touch Improvements

    FlexGrid for WinRT now features improved touch interaction for dragging-and-dropping rows and columns as well as resizing columns.

  • New BarCode Controls to Windows 8 Apps

    Easily render and display barcodes and 2D barcodes in your Windows 8 applications with the new BarCode for WinRT.

  • New RangeSlider Input Control

    We've ported this classic control from the ComponentOne Studio Silverlight and WPF Editions to the WinRT Edition. RangeSlider for WinRT lets you implement easy, touch-based range input to give you more options for your Windows 8 apps.

  • ShapeFile Support in Maps

    Maps for WinRT now allows you to provide custom map layers and custom shapes drawn on top of maps using ShapeFile formatted geographic files.

  • Improved Calendar Navigation

    Users can now more easily navigate through months and years in Calendar for WinRT. Tapping a calendar header now displays a list of months and years providing quick navigation with smooth transitions and touch control.

  • OpenType Font Support in PdfViewer

    By popular demand, the C1PdfViewer control now supports OpenType fonts in all documents.


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