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Hello everyone!!! I am here to throw some more insight into the new RadialMenu control for Studio For WinForms. Based the One-Notes radial menu, it is the ComponentOne version which provides you with ease of programming and also in combination with Themes ( refer to my earlier posts, or visit here), you get to enhance the UI of your application as well as provide a whole new way for in app navigation.

Why use it?

Why use a RadialMenu when you already are used to the menu strip up top? Or better yet, why not use it and forget about the menu strip up top? In today's application development scenario, it's all about accessibility, and the more badly you want to provide some information, more accessible you have to make it. Here is where giving, multiple options within your user's reach becomes easier with the ComponentOne RadialMenu.


No sooner than we want to use something, this question pops up, "How?". We have kept using the C1RadialMenu is fairly easy,

  • Drag it onto your form and it gets placed in the component tray.
  • Select the items you want to be added to it, by modifying the ItemsCollection, you can add RadialMenu items, to which can be added a combination of images and text to show the desired options.

Design time - Radial Menu Design time - Radial Menu

  • And all that is left is the way to call the menu to be shown on a particular event, which can be completed as following line any event after which you like to show the RadialMenu, c1RadialMenu1.ShowMenu(this, new Point(<location of your choice, preferably the mouse pointer location>), true);
  • Once you run the application and voila !! You have the ComponentOne RadialMenu all up and ready for use.

Here is how the finished product looks like, scrumptious no? :) Radial Menu on MSProject type application Radial Menu on MSProject type application To check out more cool stuff that you can accomplish in your desktop applications, visit us at, www.componentone.com/SuperProducts/StudioWinForms/


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