Wijmo 1.4.1 Released

We might not have big sexy new features, but we did fix quite a few bugs. We also sync'd up with jQuery UI 1.8.16.


You can now change the AM/PM section by using the 'a' or 'p' key. Added support for copy and paste.


Changed the options for compass sub option of hint for all charts. Now they are 'west', 'east', 'south', 'north', 'southEast', 'southWest', 'northEast' and 'northWest'. Fixed a rendering bug when the parent element is invisible. Fixed the issue that animation can't play properly after setting the origin of the bar chart.


The behavior of the columnDropping and columnDropped events is changed, these events are now fired when column is moved inside the columns area only. dragSource and dropSource arguments are removed from the parameter of the columnDropping and columnDropped events. New events added: columnGrouping (cancellable), columnGrouped, columnUngrouping (cancellable), columnUngrouped. Now only "Max", "Min" and "Count" aggregates can be calculated for "string" columns. Now column used to create the group header\ group footer is passed in args.column to cellStyleFormater, not null as before. wijdata-type- css class is added to group header and group footer cells.


In addition to TAB key, added ability to navigate accordion panes using the up/down left/right keys - when accordion header has focus, pressing up/down left/right keys will change focus between headers, pressing enter will activate the content of the selected header.


Fixed the issue that when the mouseTrailing is true, mouse mouse, the tooltip doesn't follow with mouse. Fixed a bug: when the value's type is float, the progress's behavior is wrong.

Fixed the issue that setting the value to select will be not reflected in the wijdropdown.


Fixed the issue that expander can't be shown correctly in the nested splitter. Fixed the issue that hover style wasn't applied to the bar when hovering over the bar.

Go get it!

Make sure to download the latest version of Wijmo and read the change log!

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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