Wijmo Build 5.20162.207 Available

We've just released Build 207 and it includes some huge interop improvements, nice new features, some new samples and, of course, bug fixes.

Angular 2 Support for RC6

Angular 2 RC6 Wijmo has been upgraded to support Angular 2 RC6. It's been challenging, but we've been able to keep pace with the Angular team during their prerelease phase. We'll continue to do so and plan on releasing support when Angular 2 officially releases. Learn more about our Angular 2 support

ReactJS Support

ReactJS and Wijmo Wijmo is dedicated to interop in any framework. This release contains official support for ReactJS, and you can use Wijmo controls in any ReactJS application as React components.

React Samples

VueJS Support

vuejs and wijmo VueJS is another framework gaining traction. Many customers have requested VueJS support in Wijmo. This release offers official support of VueJS, and you can use Wijmo controls in any VueJS application as Vue components. Note: VueJS 2.0 support will be coming soon as well.

VueJS Samples

FlexGrid Footers

flexgrid footers We've added support for column footers in FlexGrid. Easily add custom footers to columns using the new columnFooter in FlexGrid. Take a look at this new feature in the FlexGrid Custom Footers sample.

New Charting Capabilities

flexradar chart This release includes a new FlexRadar chart control that can be used to create radar-type charts. Take a look at the new FlexRadar Intro sample. funnel chart type We also added a funnel chart type to FlexChart. Take a look at the new funnel chart type in the FlexChart Intro sample.

New Help System

new docs Last, but not least, we've completely rebuilt and redesigned our online documentation. The redesign includes better content, layout, navigation, search and much more. Take a look at our new online documentation.

Change Log

  • Angular 2: Wijmo interop adapted to RC.6, and can still work with RC.5. Angular 2 Info
  • Angular 2: all samples ported to RC.6 Angular 2 Explorer
  • Angular 2: added support for NgModule system introduced in RC.5. Each Wijmo Ng2 module includes corresponding NgModule that represents the module in Ng2 application and exports all its components. NgModule's name is inferred from ES6 module name, e.g. for ES6 module wijmo/wijmo.angular2.grid.filter the name of corresponding NgModule is WjGridFilterModule. Only few samples are reworked so far to use NgModel: InputIntro, FlexGridIntro, ngForms and FlexSheetExplorer. The latter is SPA application that implements lazy modules loading.
  • ReactJS: Added a new interop module for React: wijmo.react.js. ReactJS Interop sample | How to Use Wijmo in ReactJS Apps blog
  • VueJS: Added a new interop module for Vue: wijmo.vue.js. VueJS Interop sample | How to Create Great VueJS applications Using Wijmo Controls blog
  • Completely redesigned help system. new Wijmo 5 Documentation
  • Added support for column footers panel on the FlexGrid. Column footers have their own 'columnFooters' grid panel (similar to columnHeaders and rowHeaders). To add column footers to a grid, add one or more rows to its columnFooters panel. For example: grid.columnFooters.rows.push(new wijmo.grid.GroupRow()) In this example, we added a GroupRow, which will cause the grid to automatically display the aggregates set in each Column. Alternatively, you could add on or more regular rows, and set the cell contents of those row using the columnFooters.setCellData method: grid.columnFooters.rows.push(new wijmo.grid.Row()); grid.columnFooters.setCellData(0, 0, 'column footer value'); FlexGrid Custom Footers sample
  • Added a new charting control: FlexRadar for creating radar and polar charts. The control is in new module: wijmo.chart.radar.js. FlexRadarIntro samples (PureJs, Angular 1/2) are added to demonstrate the new control's features. FlexRadar Intro sample
  • Added a new funnel chart type. Added funnel chart sample to FlexChartIntro sample. FlexChart Intro sample
  • Added a new FlexGrid.newRowAtTop property to control whether the new row template should be displayed at the top or at the bottom of the data rows.
  • Improved FlexGrid scrolling with frozen cells (used to be a little jerky in IE).
  • Angular 2: added the autoSizeRows boolean property to the wjFlexGridCellTemplate directive that allows to disable automatic row height expansion.
  • Angular 1/2: added support for cell templates for FlexGrid column footers. WjFlexGridCellTemplate.cellType property now accepts 'ColumnFooter' and 'BottomLeft' to be applied to the corresponding cell types. In order to get a cell value in 'ColumnFooter' cell templates the $value (Angular 1) or cell.value (Angular 2) properties can be used.
  • Improved performance of Row/Col.IsSelected method.
  • Improved performance of FlexGrid.preserveOutlineState property.
  • Improved keyboard support in wijmo.Menu. Now users can use the keyboard to open the menu with (Enter/f4/alt+up/alt+down) and to navigate the options (up/down/ autosearch).
  • Added a Gauge.showTicks property that causes linear and radial gauges to show tick marks on the gauge face. The tick marks start from "min" to "max" at every "step". By default, the tick marks are white and 2 pixels in thickness. They can be styled using a ".wj-gauge .wj-ticks" CSS selector to customize their "stroke" and "stroke-width" values.
  • Added an optional 'dataItem' parameter to the DataMap.getDisplayValues method. The dataItem can be used to restrict the list of display values based on properties of the data item being rendered/edited (see http://wijmo.com/topic/flexgrid-datamap-that-is-row-dependent/).
  • Added support for "deep-binding" to the ListBox control (e.g. "customer.name").

New Samples

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Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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