Wijmo Build 5.20173.403 Available

Build 5.20173.403 has released. It includes a huge list of bug fixes, nice new OLAP features, FlexGrid performance improvements, and some very cool samples.

JavaScript Gantt Chart Sample

This new sample extends FlexChart to create a Gantt Chart. Many customers have asked for a Gantt Chart, so this is our initial version. Make sure to send feedback before it becomes and official control.
JavaScript Gantt Chart Sample
GanttChart Sample | Create JavaScript Gantt Charts using FlexChart blog

Custom JavaScript Calendar Sample

This beautiful sample is inspired by Slack’s status page. It uses our Calendar control with some customization to add status icons to days.

Custom JavaScript Calendar Sample

JavaScript Calendar Sample

New Samples

  • JavaScript GanttChart Sample | Create Gantt Charts using FlexChart blog
  • JavaScript Calendar Sample

    Change Log

  • Added new JavaScript Gantt Chart sample that extends FlexChart. JavaScript GanttChart Sample | Create JavaScript Gantt Charts using FlexChart blog

  • Added Calendar sample inspired by the Slack status page. JavaScript Calendar Sample
  • [nodejs] Made some changes in wijmo.pdf code that make it possible to use Wijmo PdfDocument in NodeJS (with a specific Domino based setup). The public API adds the PdfDocumentEndedEventArgs.chunks property, which returns an array of Uint8Array objects that can be saved to a file or a stream using NodeJS file API.
  • [VSCode] Added IntelliSense support for Wijmo Angular components in VSCode HTML editor. IntelliSense in VSCode blog
  • Improved FlexGrid layout performance.
  • Improved export to xlsx performance for FlexGrid containing Angular cell templates.
  • [FlexGrid] Added a 'refresh' parameter to the CellEditEnding event parameters. This allows event handlers to suppress the full refresh that happens by default when cell editing ends.
  • [OLAP] Allow generating views with value fields only (grand totals) or row/column fields only (unique values).
  • [OLAP] Improved PivotEngine sorting of value fields (measures) to sort groups by aggregate. (this can be disabled by setting the new PivotEngine.sortableGroups property to false).
  • [OLAP] Improved PivotGrid collapse/expand to keep the original state of child nodes.
  • [OLAP] PivotGrid now honors the preserveOutlineState property (inherited from FlexGrid).
  • [Angular/AngularJS] textarea elements used as cell editors now correctly consume characters that were typed by a user to initiate cell editing.
  • [AngularJS] For FlexGrid with ime-enabled="true" and a cell editor represented by a cell edit template, cell editing can now be correctly initiated by IME input.
  • Added an InputNumber repeatButtons property that determines whether the control's spinner buttons should act as repeat buttons (fire continuously while pressed).
  • Added several new members to the TreeView and TreeNode classes:
    • TreeNode.addChildNode(index, dataItem) adds a child node to a TreeNode
    • TreeView.addChildNode(index, dataItem) adds a child node to a TreeView
    • TreeNode.remove() removes a node from the TreeView
    • TreeNode.refresh() refreshes a node with updated data content
    • TreeNode.itemsSource gets a reference to the array that contains the node data

Update 1/19/2018: We introduced a minor glyph bug in build 403. In Chrome for macOS, 4 of the wijmo glyphs do not render correctly. The broken glyphs are calendar, clock, minus, and plus. Here's the fix. The bug is fixed in build 405.

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Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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