Working with CalendarView and DateEdit for WinForms

As of July 2017, you can display multiple months at the same time — depending on available space — using the new CalendarView and DateEdit control for WinForms. The multi-month calendar includes rich layout and customization options, like setting your calendar to RightToLeft or vertical layout. CalendarView CalendarView The CalendarView supports different culture settings including non-Gregorian calendars like Persian and Japanese ones. C1DateEdit control uses CalendarView to display a drop-down calendar. Though the public API and calendar-dependent features are almost the same, this DateEdit control has better performance and appearance than the old DateEdit control. Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 2.32.28 PM



Dimensions Dimensions Setting the dimension property displays multiple months according to available space.

Bolded & Annually Bolded Dates

Bolded Dates Bolded Dates The bolded & annually dates property takes collection of dates that should appear as bold.

Disabled Dates

DisabledDates DisabledDates The disabled dates property takes collection of dates that should appear as bold. This is helpful for when you want to display available schedules and some dates aren't available.

Date Selection

SelectedDates SelectedDates The SelectedDates takes an array of dates that should appear as selected. The MaxSelectionCount can be set to limit the number of selected dates.

Calendar Settings

Different properties are available to control and customize the behavior of the control.

Calendar & CurrentCulture

Set these properties to localize the calendar. There are multiple culture settings available out-of-the-box. After setting the CurrentCulture property, choose from the Calendar options.

First Day of Week

This property gets or sets the first day of the week as displayed in the month calendar.

Work Days

Defines the working days of the week.

Min & Max Dates

Gets or sets the Minimum and Maximum allowed dates. Learn more about CalendarView >> Control Explorer >>


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