Cross-platform JavaScript Data Viewer

Open and view data documents on the web with our JavaScript Data Viewer.

  • Load Excel (XLSX), CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS) files, all in one viewer
  • Support data interactions using sort, filter, and slicer
  • Extensive support for Excel features including visualizations such as Charts, Shapes, Tables, Pivot Tables and so on
  • Works in all modern browsers and frameworks, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, .NET 6, React, Preact, Angular, and Vue
  • Integrate with Documents for Excel's server-side (.NET and Java Editions) and view files programmatically
  • Embed in .NET, Java, and JS applications using easy-to-use API
  • Included with Documents for Excel (.NET and Java Editions)


GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer (GcDataViewer) is a JavaScript component to load and view data documents in web applications. The GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer allows developers to build cross-platform web applications to load and view data documents across browsers using major JavaScript frameworks. Currently, it supports loading Excel, CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS) data files.

Why Use the JavaScript Data Viewer

Unified Data Viewing Solution

Unified Data Viewing Solution

A unified JavaScript-based client-side viewer that can load and preview any data-related document all in one place.

Load Data File of Multiple Format

Load Data File of Multiple Format

Supports loading of different data file formats, EXCEL (XLSX), CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS).



A cross-platform solution to view Data documents on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in all modern browsers.

Web Framework Support

Web Framework Support

Embed the Data Viewer in any of the major web frameworks–Angular, Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact.

Support Viewing Excel Features

Support Viewing Excel Features

Excel features such as Conditional Formatting, Databars, Tables, Pivots, Group outline, Password-protected, frozen panes, and many others can be viewed in the Data Viewer.

Easy to Embed Client-Side API

Easy to Embed Client-Side API

Utilize the power of client-side GcDataViewer API to achieve full-fledged data needs for your application.

Integrate with GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel)

Integrate with GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel)

Can seamlessly integrate with GcExcel taking advantage of powerful server-side needs.

Explore the Features of the JavaScript Data Viewer

Build Cross-Platform Applications Using Major Web Frameworks


GcDataViewer can be conveniently embedded in major web frameworks such as pure JavaScript, Angular, Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact.

Check out the demos, including samples that shows how to use GcDataViewer with various web frameworks.

Support Multiple File-Formats


GcDataViewer provides support to open documents of different file formats - XLSX, CSV, and SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS). Use the built-in Open document button in the Viewer or use the OpenFile method to load your document.

Data Open Options


Choose from several data options available with GcDataViewer while loading a XLSX, CSV, or SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS) document. Use the UI or openOptions API.

Open Password-Protected Excel Documents


The viewer supports opening a password-protected Excel (XLSX) document. Use the interface or openOptions API to open a password-protected document.

Customize the User Interface


GcDataViewer offers UI customization for different scenarios. Customize for viewer appearance with different theme options - built-in themes provided with GcDataViewer’s package, override the existing style, and create your own. Modify the appearance of toolbar by hiding or reordering the buttons.

Display Data Visualizations


GcDataViewer can display the commonly used visualizations in XLSX and SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS) documents. It includes, Chart, Shape, Picture, and SJS Barcodes.

Sort or Filter Data


GcDataViewer offers to filter and sort the data in a Range or Table using Sort & Filter options and Filter dialog.

Filter Data Using Slicer


GcDataViewer offers quick filter of data in Table and Pivot Table using Slicer.

Keyboard Accessible Grid Operations


Perform grid operations such as selection, copy, and move using only keyboard.

GcDataViewer License Options

GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer (GcDataViewer) offers two options to license the viewer. The Standard Viewer License is included with the purchase of GrapeCity Documents for Excel .NET or Java Edition and includes standard features like document viewing, zooming content, and more. The optional Professional Viewer License enables data visualization objects such as Charts, and data transforming and interactive capabilities such as Filter, Sort, and much more. A more detailed comparison is below and helps determine what license plan is the best option for you.

Contact sales at to upgrade your license type.

Standard Viewer License

All standard GcDataViewer features allow data view functionalities including:

  • Open local or remote XLSX, CSV, SpreadJS (SSJSON and SJS) documents.
  • Zoom in and out, scrollable data content.
  • View group outline and frozen pane.
  • Resize or Autofit rows and columns.
  • Select cells, copy data to clipboard and view data aggregations.
  • Show/Hide Notes.
  • Customize toolbar buttons to hide or reorder.
  • Display viewer in different themes.
  • Display Table, Sparkline/SparklineEx, Databars, and Iconsets.
  • Display the conditional format result, formula result, data formats, data validation values in cells/grid.
  • Display object style and cell gridlines.
  • Display hidden sheets.
  • Display hyperlink and allow navigation.
  • Support keyboard accessible grid operations.

Professional Viewer License

Professional license includes all features of the Standard License and additionally includes interactive operations and display of data visualization objects as described below:

  • Filter and sort data using arrow in a Range or Table.
  • Filter and sort data using Slicer in Table and Pivot Table.
  • Display Chart, Shape, and Picture.
  • Display Barcode results of SpreadJS Barcode Formula.
  • Allow navigation on Shape and Picture object.

"The speed to build what we needed and the level of ease of use of controls are why we chose GrapeCity. It was a perfect fit."

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