• Fast and efficient

    Save memory and time with the lightweight API architecture. The more rows in the spreadsheet, the faster our API is by comparison

  • Flexible themes and components

    Empower users with customizable themes, configurable components, summary data, custom styles, embedded drawing objects, integrated calculation engine, and more

  • Seamless Excel compatibility

    Lose nothing on the import: pivot tables, comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, formulas, shapes and pictures, sparklines, and tables stay intact

  • Develop in Java 6.0+ for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    Create lightning-fast spreadsheets in cross-platform apps with this intuitive Java API

  • Based on Excel's document object model

    The interface-based API allows you to import, calculate, query, generate, and export any spreadsheet scenario. With the VSTO-style API, you can create custom styles using the same elements as VS Tools for Office

  • Deploy apps with Excel spreadsheets to the cloud

    Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment - with Maven and Documents for Excel, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda

Import and export Excel

Seamlessly import and export Excel-compatible XLSX files with no Excel dependency

Workbooks and worksheets

Create, import, export, use passwords, add sheets, cut and copy ranges, copy and move worksheets, activate, configure, delete, and protect

Formulas (450+ Excel functions) and custom functions

Use hundreds of built-in functions and operators to perform complex calculations—or build your own custom functions and create what you need

Pivot and Excel tables

Create Excel tables of data, and add pivot tables to automatically count, total, or average the data

Explore the advanced features of this spreadsheet API

Click through to view the code, generate the spreadsheet, and download the Excel file

  • Platforms supported
  • Java 6.0 or higher
  • Full support on Windows, Linux, and Mac

What's New

What's New in GcExcel, Java

Print Specific Pages of Excel File to a PDF

  • Export Spreadsheets with Shapes to PDF
  • Control Pagination and Spreadsheet Content
  • Print Specific Pages of Excel Spreadsheet to a PDF
  • Print Multiple Worksheets to One Page in PDF
  • Export Different Excel Workbooks into Only One PDF
  • Repeat Rows at Bottom and Columns at Right in a PDF
  • Customize Row/Column/Value Delimiter When Importing/Exporting .CSV Files
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Support Shrink to Fit for Wrapped Text While Exporting to PDF

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