• Support for Multiple Data Sources

    Bind with dataset/data table/custom object/variable or array/list.

  • Simple Language Syntax and Notations in Excel Templates

    Create Excel templates, define data fields, inline fields, formulas, and display nested data and expression fields.

  • Expand Data Horizontally or Vertically

    Expand data horizontally or vertically depending on the report layout, using simple property.

  • Define Context or Range for Data Expansion

    Expand data in pairs and calculate formulas over a cell context or a range.

  • Group, Sort, and Merge your Data

    Group or set outline groups over your data with repeat, merge, or list properties and sort data in ascending or descending order.

  • Set Styles

    Set cell and merge style to preserve data upon cell expansion.

Create Multiple Reports in a Single Sheet

Create templates that include data from one or multiple data sources to generate reports with multiple tables.

Add Page Breaks

Similar to page breaks in Microsoft Excel, you can add vertical, horizontal, or both.

Generate Multiple Worksheets

Define template field in worksheet's name and generate multiple worksheets at runtime, each having a fixed template.

Mail-Merge Reports

Add inline fields to generate full mail-merge reports with Excel templates.

Excel Chart Templates

Bind Excel charts with data by defining the chart template for the series data. The charts will bind to data upon processing of the template.

Bind Excel Templates with Images

Bind your Excel templates with Image fields in the database.

Support for Conditional Formatting

Set conditional formatting rules for the template cells and expand your data. All types of conditional formatting rules are supported.

Export Excel Formula

Export the formula you applied to your template to see how it applies to the expanded data. Re-use the formula in an existing file or another Excel file.

Support for Global Setting

Specify default settings on the Excel Template so that it applies to entire data when the template expands. Keep height/width of rows/columns similar throughout the template. Or insert extra spaces as rows/columns or cells in your final report.

Explore the Advanced Features of this Spreadsheet API

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