• Fast and Efficient

    Save memory and time with the lightweight API architecture to generate and work with documents effortlessly.

  • Supports Hundreds of PDF Features

    Generate PDF forms with everything from signatures to security features. You can add, delete, copy and move pages, change page sizes, orientation, generate linearized PDFs, add annotations, redact content, and compress PDF files.

  • Comprehensive API for Adobe PDF

    Generate, edit, and store feature-rich PDF documents without compromising design or features. This API conforms to much of Adobe PDF specification 1.7.

  • Full .NET Core Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    Develop for any .NET platform and major operating systems with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Core, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android.

  • Complete Text Support

    Documents for PDF includes text and paragraph formatting, special characters, multiple languages, RTL support, and vertical and rotated text for all supported platforms.

  • Deploy Apps with PDFs to the Cloud

    Cloud-based deployment means you can be everywhere - with NuGet and Documents for Excel, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda.

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer Now Includes PDF Editor

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer now includes PDF Editor

Check out the new editing tools: Annotation Editor, Form Editor and more editing features in GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer -helping you create a full workflow of loading, editing, designing, reviewing, and saving PDF documents and PDF Forms in your applications.

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Text Wrapping and Images

Advanced layout supports padding, columns, and text wrapping by word, character, and around images.

Merge, Split, Copy, or Move Documents and Pages

Manipulate PDFs most common use cases: merge and split different PDFs, or copy and move pages between documents.

Advanced Font and Language Support

Dozens of fonts and options support a variety of styles and multiple languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Japanese.

Digital Signatures

Implement signatures with image-based visual signatures digitally for document security and workflow management using X509 certificates.

Form Fields

AcroForm fields include textbox, checkbox, radio button, combtext, combobox, listbox, and buttons.

Extract Text and Images

Extract text and multi-line text paragraphs from PDFs to use the text in Word documents, HTML files, and more, or save extracted images to a file.

Explore the Advanced Features PDF API

Documents for PDF Samples Browser

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all the major features, real-time PDFs, and use cases. These PDF files are generated using server-side code with GcPdf and loaded in client-side GrapeCity JavaScript PDF Viewer. You can Download individual .NET Core samples that can run as standalones in C# and VB.Net. The demos also include full sample code in C# and VB with comments on every step to help bring you onboard quickly.

Combine multiple features of GcPdf to work with PDFs in scenarios that might exist in real life applications.
This quick tutorial walks you through the basics to create a simple "Hello, World!" app that uses GcPdf to generate and save a PDF file.
Set document properties for a PDF version, document information and metadata.
Create, initialize and use the FontCollection class to manage and use when rendering texts.
Annotations are extra information associated with a particular point and created in GcPDF.
Create AcroForm fields, submit data forms to a server, import XML data, and import data form submitted on the client to a PDF.
Review the basics of rendering text in GcPDF (DrawString and DrawTextLayout), character formatting, paginated text, text trimming, word, character wraps and much more.
Design magazine style, multi-column page layout with balanced columns and outlines.
Create text links to a URL, add outline entries, linked thumbnails to full-sized images, article threads, and destinations.
Generate pages of slides from all images in a directory.
Use linear and radial gradient brushes.
Convert HTML files or strings to PDF, or add fragments of HTML to PDF documents along with other content.
Render samples of all barcode symbologies supported by the GcBarcode library.
Create tagged (structured) PDFs and attach to individual paragraphs.
Load existing PDF into GcPdfDocument, and see how their content can be inspected or extracted.
Extract table data from PDF documents
Attach photos, text, drawings, and files (including AcroForm) to a PDF.
Remove content from PDF documents.
Digitally sign PDFs, inspect signature properties, or remove existing signatures.
Merge several PDFs into one document. Render pages of one PDF into another.
Print page headers and footers in PDF documents.
Save PDF to a multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP images.
Encrypt/Decrypt PDF Documents.
View working with other miscellaneous features in PDF Document.
View PDF documents in a fast, modern JavaScript based PDF viewer and Editor that runs in all major browsers.
Samples in this group load various PDF forms into the GcPdfViewer.
Create ZUGFeRD 1.x compliant invoices and read ZUGFeRD data from existing PDFs

What's New

What's New in GcPDF

    Extract Table Content from PDF Documents - create applications automating the task of scanning PDF documents with different data but similar layouts and extracting the table data out of them with ease.

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