• Fast and efficient

    Save memory and time with the lightweight API architecture. The bigger the document, the faster our API generates complex Word documents

  • Extract data from Word documents

    Parse existing Word documents into databases, or generate new Word documents as needed—extraction includes everything from text to paragraphs to images.

  • Simple, convenient object model

    This all-new, feature-rich object model is based on Microsoft Office API, Word JavaScript API, and OpenXML SDK, was written to be straightforward and intuitive

  • Full .NET Core 2.0 support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    Develop for any .NET platform, for major operating systems, with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android

  • Convert Word to PDF

    In addition to generating Word documents, you can quickly, easily convert those documents to PDF in code—a top use case for this fast API

  • Deploy apps with Word docs to the cloud

    Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment—with NuGet and Documents for Word, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda

Insert, modify and remove document elements

Insert, edit, and remove paragraphs, text, sections, images, tables, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, comments, bullet lists, numbered lists, fields, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and page breaks

Support for popular Word document formats

Create and work with a variety of popular Word documents. Input/Output includes DOCX, DOTM, DOCM, DOTX; Input includes FlatOPC, FlatOpcMacroEnabled, FlatOpcTemplate, FlatOpcTemplateEnabled; and Output includes PDF and PDF/A.

Apply 375 built-in styles and create custom styles

Apply built-in styles on text, paragraphs, and lists. Create custom styles with font properties like bold, italic, and underline. List properties include level, and level number, and paragraph properties include indentation, keep together, word wrap, and more.

Select from 21 built-in templates for bulleted and numbered lists

Create lists with built-in templates with formatting similar to lists in Microsoft Word, including level and level number.

Explore the advanced features of this Word API

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Documents for Word Samples Browser

Documents for Word Demo

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all the major features, real-time DOCX and PDF files, and use cases. Download individual .NET Core samples that can run as standalones. The demos also include full sample code with comments on every step that can help bring you onboard quickly with Documents for Word.

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What's New

What's New in GcWord

Export East Asian text to PDF

GcWord API adds support for RightToLeft, vertical text and East Asian Languages to render documents in multiple languages in DOCX files and export them to PDF.

Set view options allows you to control the view type and zoom type of the document when it opens, and additional properties.

Adding CompatibilityOptions to the Word files makes sure that the Word documents created in different versions work well and retain the properties when opened in newer versions.

Hyphenation can now be controlled using GcWord HyphenationOptions class that provides various options to either automatically hyphenate the document that you create, or set option to use the hyphenation tool to manually hyphenate your document. 

Now you can generate multiple instances of GcWord Document in just few seconds, and creating a GcWordDocument is four times faster than before.

You can set theme colors and modify existing themes, and set color schemes that define the colors for background and text in your documents

You can apply superscript and subscript settings to text in chemical compounds, formulas, mathematical expressions, etc., and GcWord now supports exporting superscript/subscript text to PDF.

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