.NET 6 API for Microsoft Word Documents

Take total control of your Word documents in code, with no dependencies on Microsoft Word.

  • Generate, load, edit, and save Word documents
  • Feature-rich object model based on Microsoft Office API
  • Generate reports from scratch or use report templates
  • Compatible on multiple platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Deploy to Azure and AWS
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What's New in GrapeCity Documents v6


A .NET Word API library is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate Microsoft Word documents at scale. GrapeCity Documents for Word is a solution that allows developers to import/export DOCX files, create reports & templates, and deploy Word documents across desktop and web applications

Fast and Efficient

Save memory and time with the lightweight API architecture. The bigger the document, the faster our API generates complex Word documents.

Extract Data From Word Documents

Parse existing Word documents into databases or generate new Word documents as needed—extraction includes everything from text to paragraphs and images.

Simple, Convenient Object Model

This all-new, feature-rich object model, based on Microsoft Office API, Word JavaScript API, and OpenXML SDK, is straightforward and intuitive.

Full .NET Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Develop for any .NET platform or major operating systems with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android.

Convert Word to PDF and Images

In addition to generating Word documents, you can quickly and easily convert those documents to an image or PDF in code—a top use case for this fast API.

Deploy Apps With Word Docs to the Cloud

Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment. With NuGet and Documents for Word, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda.

Generate Data-Bound Word Reports From Word (.docx) Report Templates

Use the comprehensive syntax and API to bind Word documents with data and generate Word .docx reports with advanced layouts.

Create and Modify Flow Charts, Flyers, and Company Logos

Add shapes from 188 Geometry types, 42 Themed shaped styles, and 29 Shape Presets. Create and manipulate existing shapes in Word documents. Apply unified properties on grouped shapes, canvas, and pictures.

Find and Replace Text

Search simple text or find and replace pattern-based text, including regex patterns or unique tokens, and text-based on specific formatting.

Generate Columnar Articles in Word Documents

GcWord supports Textboxes to highlight prominent text. You can also arrange your text in columns or sections in Word documents.

Generate Multi-Language Documents

Add text in multiple languages, including Far Eastern, vertical text, and Tate Chu Yoko, using a top-to-bottom, right-to-left page layout to a DOCX file.

Top Features for Word API

.NET 6 Word API Library Quick Start Guide

Quick Start

This guide explains how to create a program that uses GcWord to generate and save a DOCX file with the typical "Hello, World!" text to a disk.

.NET 6 Word API Library Modification

Load & Modify Existing DOCX Files

Load existing DOCX files and modify formatting, change theme colors, split or merge documents, copy paragraphs, and much more.

Find and Replace

Easily use C#/VB .NET code to find text in DOCX files, as well as replace all occurrences of text throughout the document, and insert text at specific locations. 

.NET 6 Word API Library File Formats

Popular Word Document Formats

Create and work with a variety of popular Word documents. Input/Output includes DOCX, DOTM, DOCM, and DOTX. Output includes PDF and PDF/A.


Work with built-in and user-defined styles that demonstrate common, table, list, character, and paragraph styles.


Add and edit content and work with styles including word wrapping, tables, paragraph styles, image placement, and inline text options.

.NET 6 Word API Library Modify Elements

Insert, Modify, and Remove Document Elements

Insert, edit, and remove paragraphs, text, sections, images, tables, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, comments, bullet lists, numbered lists, fields, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and page breaks.

.NET 6 Word API Library List Templates


Create lists with built-in templates with formatting similar to lists in Microsoft Word, including level and level number.

.NET 6 Word API Library report templates

Word (.docx) Report Templates

Use report templates to generate contracts, leases, consulting agreements, and more using data-bound Word .docx documents.

.NET 6 Word API Library Tables


Work with tables that contain grid spans, alternative rows, conditional styles, and simple or nested groups.

.NET 6 Word API Library Fields


Easily add fields to a document for a formatted date and/or time, hyperlinks to web content or other documents, and custom fields that modify the document content.

.NET 6 Word API Library Shapes


Add and edit shapes from a wide range of geometric shapes, shape presets, and theme-based shape styles in Word documents.

.NET 6 Word API Library Content Controls


Add and edit content and work with styles for word wrapping, tables, and different paragraph styles. From basic adding, removing, editing, and content formatting to image placement and inline text options, GcDocs can do it all.


Customize the look of your content in MS Word files and apply effects on Shapes and Text in Word .docx files.



Use .NET 6 Word API to create large documents (100+ paragraphs)

Large Documents

Review samples that create large documents of 100+ paragraphs.

.NET 6 Word API Library Mail Merge Bookmarks

Mail Merge

Implement mail merge using bookmarks in an MS Word DOCX with only a few lines of code and no dependency on Word.

.NET 6 Word API Library Documents Using Multiple Features

Fancy Documents

Showcase multiple features within one document by utilizing fancy document layouts–showcasing several GcWord features.

.NET 6 Word API Library Miscellaneous


Learn how to work with content controls, custom XML parts, glossary documents, style sources, sample paragraphs, JsFramework excerpts, and the Procurement Letter template in Word documents.

Embed Fonts

Embed Fonts

Define and embed fonts in MS Word documents to render the document correctly, even if the font is not available on the system.

Convert Markdown .md to Word .docx (Sample)

Full source code available to parse Markdown .md file using Markdig markdown processor (BSD 2-Clause license) and convert to Word .docx file using GcWord.

Password protect the exported PDF

Allow users to specify security-related features (e.g. password, limit copying, etc.) when converting Word .docx file to PDF.


Explore the Advanced Features of the Word API

Documents for Word Demos

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all the major features, real-time DOCX and PDF files, and use cases. Download individual .NET Core samples that can run as a standalone. The demos also include full sample code with comments along every step to help you onboard quickly with Documents for Word.

Easy Licensing and Distribution

"The speed to build what we needed and the level of ease of use of controls are why we chose GrapeCity. It was a perfect fit."