What's New in Documents for Word v6

GcWord v6 -December 15, 2022

Conditionally show/hide multiple blocks of data

GcWord Report Templates adds new ‘if/else/endif’ statements to define conditions to show/hide whole block or multiple blocks at once. The condition defined is a set of template value operands combined with arithmetic or logic operations. Consider the following example, which shows retainer information from a Consulting Agreement document with a single if/endif condition (shows retainer information if payRetainer=1) instead of hiding specific blocks previously using hbi statements.

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Add calculations to Word Templates

You can now add calculations to GcWord report templates using the new 'calc' templates feature, which allows you to use template data fields and literals in VBA-like expressions. Calc expressions support arithmetic, logical and other common operators, text and data aggregate functions, and more.

Some examples of valid 'calc' expressions include:

   {{ calc 2 * 2 + 4 }}

   {{ calc ds.UnitPrice * ds.Quantity }}

   {{ calc Sum(ds.Price) }}

   {{ calc Max(ds.Price) }}

Also, calc and the new conditional construct can be used together, enabling complex conditions under if, e.g.

{{ if useLimit and Sum(ds.score) > limit }} you passed {{ else }} you failed {{ endif }}

Consider the following example where the Invoice report adds the total price of all items in the report using calc expression.

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Support for effects in shapes and font

Reflection Effect

GcWord adds Reflection class with detailed properties to apply reflection effect on shape or text. The effect looks like a water effect on the shape or text. You can set custom properties for Reflection effect through TextEffects, ShapeEffects or FormatScheme classes using ApplyBuiltInReflection method which can set one of 9 types of built-in reflection effects on text or drawing object. In addition, you can also set Reflection effect to shapes directly through Shape.Effects.Reflection property.  

The following code adds a ‘HalfTouching’ reflection effect on the title:

  GcWordDocument doc = new GcWordDocument();
  var style = doc.Styles.Add("My Style", StyleType.Paragraph);
  style.Font.Size = 48;
  // apply top half touching reflection effect to the text
  doc.Body.Paragraphs.Add("Wetlands", style);

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Glow Effect

This effect adds a hazy color perimeter outside the shape area or text. You can directly set the glow effect using shape.Effects.Glow property or use ApplyBuiltInGlow method of TextEffects, ShapeEffects class to set one of 24 types of built-in glow effects on text or drawing objects.

The following code adds the glow effect directly using the ApplyBuiltInGlow method:

var style = doc.Styles.Add("My Style", StyleType.Paragraph);
style.Font.Size = 48;
style.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Center;
// apply 5 point accent 2 glow effect to the text
doc.Body.Paragraphs.Add("Wetlands", style);

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Blur Effect

To make certain shapes used in your Word document content stand out, GcWord adds the ability to add a blur effect. The ShapeEffects class is extended with the new Blur class. You can also set the Blur effect using FormatScheme class of Shape.

The following code uses a direct method of shape.Effects.Blur class to set blur effect on Shape.

Shape shape = run.GetRange().Shapes.Add(100, 100, GeometryType.Star4);
shape.Fill.Type = FillType.Solid;
shape.Fill.SolidFill.RGB = Color.Yellow;
shape.Line.Width = 4;
shape.Line.Fill.SolidFill.RGB = Color.Red;
// apply 7 point blur effect to the shape
shape.Effects.Blur.Radius = 7f;

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Soft Edge effect

GcWord adds another way to add artistic effect to your shapes programmatically in Word documents. The ShapeEffects class has been extended with the SoftEdge class. The soft edge effect is a subtle blur on the shape's edges. It can be applied through a SoftEdge.Radius value. The soft edge effect can be applied directly through Shape.Effects class of Shape class or FormatScheme class.

The code below applies the soft-edge effect to shape through shape style properties.

Shape shape = run.GetRange().Shapes.Add(100, 100, GeometryType.Star7);
shape.Fill.Type = FillType.Solid;
shape.Fill.SolidFill.RGB = Color.Yellow;
shape.Line.Width = 8;
shape.Line.Fill.SolidFill.RGB = Color.Red;
// apply 5 point soft edge effect to the style
var fmtEffect = doc.Theme.FormatScheme.Effects.Add();
shape.Style.Effects.ThemeEffects = fmtEffect;

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Fill Overlay Effect

A fill overlay can be used to specify an additional fill for an object and blend the two fills together. GcWord adds a fill overlay effect that can be applied over a shape. ShapeEffects class has been extended with the FillOverlay effect class. In addition, the effect can also be applied through FormatScheme class using fixed, placeholder, or pattern color usage.

The following code applies a pattern fill overlay of one shape over another.

GcWordDocument doc = new GcWordDocument();
Paragraph p = doc.Body.Paragraphs.Add();
Run run = p.GetRange().Runs.Add();
Shape shape = run.GetRange().Shapes.Add();
shape.Fill.Type = FillType.Solid;
shape.Fill.SolidFill.ThemeColor = ThemeColorId.Accent1;

// apply pattern fill overlay with another color to mix with the main fill
var fmtEffect = doc.Theme.FormatScheme.Effects.Add();
var overlay = fmtEffect.FillOverlay;
overlay.BlendMode = BlendMode.Multiply;

var foFill = overlay.Fill;
foFill.Type = FillType.Pattern;
foFill.PatternFill.Type = PatternFillType.DashedHorizontal;
foFill.PatternFill.ForeColor.ThemeColor = ThemeColorId.None;
foFill.PatternFill.BackColor.ThemeColor = ThemeColorId.Accent6;

shape.Style.Effects.PlaceholderColor.ThemeColor = ThemeColorId.Accent3;
shape.Style.Effects.PlaceholderColor.Transparency = 0.6f;

shape.Style.Effects.ThemeEffects = fmtEffect;

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