Users often want to display both positive and negative values on the Bar chart and require the bars to be plotted on either side of the X Axis depending on whether the Y value is positive or negative. This can be achieved by setting the Position property of the X Axis to 0. This results in X Axis to be plotted from the position where Y value is 0.

However, this causes the X Axis labels to follow the Axis and are displayed inside the chart. Hence to make it more appropriate and display the labels at the default bottom location, set X Axis’s LabelsAtBottom property to True so that X Axis labels are rendered at the bottom the chart.

Here is the code snippet for runtime implementation

C# Code:

public void ActiveReport_ReportStart()
  this.ChartControl1.ChartAreas["defaultArea"].Axes["AxisX"].Position = 0;
  this.ChartControl1.ChartAreas["defaultArea"].Axes["AxisX"].LabelsAtBottom = true;

VB.Net Code:

Public Sub ActiveReport_ReportStart
  Me.ChartControl1.ChartAreas("defaultArea").Axes("AxisX").Position = 0
  Me.ChartControl1.ChartAreas("defaultArea").Axes("AxisX").LabelsAtBottom = true
End Sub

ActiveReports7: Plotting Negative and Positive Values in 2D Bar Chart

Please note that in case of 3D Bar Charts, setting the Position property of the X Axis to 0 will not give correct results as the Bars stand on an Area, whereas X axis is a 2D line, so it cannot cover the whole area. Rather it will be rendered on the front side of the Area, and therefore there will always be a gap between the X Axis line and the Bars.

Download C# Sample
Download VB Sample