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Language and performance contribute to app development process

By choosing goals to focus on, app builders will be able to determine what approach will be most effective in giving employees the tools they need.

Grouping and UnGrouping Spread at Runtime

When we talk about Grids in general there are few common features that come to mind, like Filtering , Sorting, Grouping, etc.

RTL-ing ComponentOne RichTextBox

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch supports localizing application in more than 40 languages by setting the Application Culture. So for example, if we are using an English VS LightSwitch, we can create applications in any of the 40 languages including RightToLeft languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Custom Drawing in WijDialog

Wijmo widgets are built with jQuery, HTML5, CSS5 and use RaphaelJS library for creating vector graphics on the web. Hence, it allows you to create line, rectangle, circle etc. on top of the Wijmo widgets. This blog demonstrates how you can do custom drawing like drawing a line/rectangle on WijDialog widget.

4 reasons you need Excel and .NET integration

Excel and .NET integration can help companies avoid errors that can damage the effectiveness of their programs, alienate end users and compromise their reputation.

6 benefits of using .NET controls

As development timetables shrink and end-user requirements expand, programmers are hard-pressed to design and roll out high-performing apps as quickly as they can.

C1DataGrid Custom Grouping and Totals

In this blog post I demonstrate a few key features of the C1DataGrid control for WPF and Silverlight that help you build a grid like you see in Microsoft Outlook. First I will show you how to enable simple grouping aggregation, that is, I will show you how to display calculated totals on grouped rows. Then I will go a bit further and show how we can use traditional value converters to customize the appearance of grouped rows, aggregate values and even visualizing data as images.

ActiveReports 8: HTML5 Viewer and AngularJS

With the launch of ActiveReports 8, a cool feature was added to the long list of features offered by it. This is the HTML5 Viewer which meets the demands of the developers who want to have a pure client side component that can be used in web applications to preview reports. The documentation provides the complete list of API available for the HTML5 viewer and can be checked here.

Tablet use growing in the workplace: HTML5 critical in tablet development

Growing tablet use in BYOD initiatives is making HTML5 form critical for app development.

Preventing policy violations: Identifying and resolving mobile security vulnerabilities

Business managers should keep a close eye on the mobile apps being utilized by their staff members - not only to ensure compliance with internal policies, but to prevent security issues connected with consumer-level apps. 

HTML5 development could drive e-commerce app success

With e-commerce shifting to more of the preferred shopping method, businesses will need to develop programs that allow their customers to easily complete transactions and find the products they are seeking.

Rogue IT: Developing apps employees will use

A recent study shows that despite efforts by business leaders to encourage the use of enterprise applications, rogue IT practices are still alive and well in the workplace.

Binding Silverlight Chart to XML data source

There are scenarios where one would need to bind the component to an XML data source. Specially presenting the XML data in human readable form is a very common requirement. This blog talks about how you can bind ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight to an XML data source.

Expand/Collapse All Nodes in C1TreeView for Silverlight

The C1TreeView for Silverlight component is a tool for displaying data in a hierarchical/tree format for a better visual experience. In this article I'm going to talk about expanding or collapsing all nodes at once rather than having to expand or collapse each node individually.

Filtering Charts from C1FlexGrid in LightSwitch

This blog demonstrates the binding of C1Chart for LightSwitch to C1FlexGrid control. It looks to implement filtering of Chart data based on the Filtered rows in C1FlexGrid.

Mobile app policies important to govern development and use

When it comes to the development and use of mobile devices and applications, companies can never be too careful.

Explore Live Versions of all our Controls in Studio Enterprise

Have you heard about the great new features and controls that were released in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2014 v1? In case you haven't, we wanted to give you chance to see all the new features in action.

As the market continues its upward climb, it is important to take a look at development trends emerging within the industry, including new efforts to make apps functional offline and a boosted focus on cross-platform capabilities.

How to navigate increasing complexity in coding environments

Virtually every enterprise is contending with expanding software development environments.

The search for an app developer: Key questions and considerations

Knowing what to look for in a developer can greatly speed up the process and ensure the success of the resulting application.