We, at GrapeCity, have just released the English version of Spread ASP.NET 5. We are all excited about the features added and performance enhancements made in this release. And with the recent announcement from Code Project of the Spread Windows Forms 5 product winning the Member Choice Award in the Best Grids category, the entire Spread ASP.NET is striving to meet up to that same expectation with our version 5 of Spread ASP.NET.

Spread for ASP.NET 5 includes these new features:
· An integrated, full-featured Chart Component with over 85 different chart types.
· Quick Start Wizards and Chart Designer to rapidly develop powerful user interfaces.
· Enhanced export and import of Excel documents, including Charts.
· Retain macros, VBA and VSTO code when exporting and importing Excel documents
· UI Virtualization technology to significantly enhance performance for large spreadsheets.
· Support for Windows Azure AppFabric and Visual Studio 2010.

We invite you to take the online demo and then download the 30 day trial to try out for yourselves. Let us know what you think of this new release.

Scott Shorter
Technical Evangelist