Many times in Technical Support, I get request for help with issues that have nothing to do with any of our products. They may look like an issue with the component or how to use it, but sometimes it is more with how to write or debug code. Because of this, I have had to learn myself how to develop and debug code outside of the FarPoint Spread products.

The other day, I had a customer trying to use the SaveExcel method of the Spread for Web Forms product to save an Excel file to a stream written to the Response. The problem was when they used the AddHeader method of the Response to write a Japanese string. They did not say exactly what the problem was but to the Google toolbar I went and searched on Response.AddHeader and Japanese, not expecting to find anything helpful. But, I was wrong.

I quickly found the following KBase article that stated the response header added by this method is always encoded with UTF-8 in ASP.NET. Not only was this the cause of my problem, but there was already a hotfix you can contact Microsoft about to obtain and a globalization key to add to the web.config file.

Scott Shorter

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