We have just released Build 151 and it includes some nice new features, some new samples and of course bug fixes.

Change Log

  • Wijmo Angular 2 components adapted to Beta.15. Learn more about our Angular 2 support

  • More than 20 samples ported to Angular 2.

  • Added Flyout sample that shows how to implement flyout menus on grid columns.

  • Added DragDropTouch sample that shows how to improve touch support in mobile devices, including drag/drop operations like column dragging as well as resizing.

  • Added OlapModal sample to show how to use PivotPanel in a modal dialog.

  • Added FlexGrid CellFactory sample that shows how to override the CellFactory in FlexGrid for custom rendering.

  • Added Chart support in FlexSheet (as a part of ExcelBook sample).

  • Added a wijmo.olap.PivotEngine.totalsBeforeData property that determines whether totals and grand totals should be displayed before or after the data they summarize.

  • Optimized horizontal scrolling on the FlexGrid (especially noticeable in IE, with large numbers of columns).

  • Added an ODataCollectionView.load method to re-fetch the data from the server. (TFS 139722)

  • Added CollectionView.sourceCollectionChanging and CollectionView.sourceCollectionChanged events.

  • Added support for deleting the content of multiple cells on the FlexSheet. (TFS 139728)

  • Added support for exporting borders in xlsx export. (TFS 149656, 147911)

  • Added a 'wj-header-alt' class to alternating cell headers (to avoid interference with existing CSS using 'wj-alt' class, which is applied only to scrollable cells).

  • Improved keyboard/focus handling in Popup control (TFS 148651)

  • Improved the FlexGridFilter value filters to behave more like Excel (TFS 133354) The values shown for a column include only items that are not excluded by other filters. For example, if you filter a list by 'name' and that results in two items being shown, other field filters will only show the values of those two items.

  • Added new settings to AllowResizing enum to allow resizing rows and columns by dragging the edges of scrollable (non-header) cells. This is especially useful when headers are hidden (see headersVisibility). The updated settings are export enum AllowResizing { None, Columns, Rows, Both, ColumnsAllCells, RowsAllCells, BothAllCells }

  • Improved the adding/removing/changing sheet operations of sheets collection for FlexSheet control.

New Samples

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Wijmo build 5.20161.151