Document APIs for .NET Standard 2.0

Documents for Excel

Spreadsheet API for all .NET platforms

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Documents for PDF

PDF file API for all .NET platforms

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  • High-speed, small footprint, no dependencies

    The API architecture is designed to generate large, optimized documents, fast—while remaining lightweight and extensible, with no dependencies on Acrobat or Excel

  • Full .NET Standard 2.0 support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    Develop for any .NET platform, for major operating systems, with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Core 2.0, .NET Framework, Mono, and Xamarin

  • Comprehensive, highly programmable

    Do more with your Excel spreadsheets and PDFs: these APIs support Windows, Mac, Linux, and a wide variety of features for your documents

  • Supports 100s of PDF features

    Generate PDF documents with everything from signatures to security features—and you can even add or delete pages, change page sizes, orientation, generate linearized PDFs and compress PDF files.

  • Deploy apps to the cloud

    Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment—with NuGet and GrapeCity Documents, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda in a few short steps

  • Seamless Excel compatibility

    Lose nothing on the import: pivot tables, comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, formulas, shapes and pictures, sparklines, and tables stay intact

Try the Document API Demos

Documents for PDF Demo

Documents for PDF Demo

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all the major features, real-time PDFs, and use cases. Download individual .NET Core samples that can run as standalones. The demos also include full sample code with comments on every step that can help bring you onboard quickly with Documents for PDF.

Documents for Excel Demo

Documents for Excel Demo

The demo includes a tutorial with steps to begin using Documents for Excel to code spreadsheets. The Features section offers sample code for each feature, while the Spread.Sheets Viewer, Excel Reporting, and Excel Templates sections offer sample code for some real-life scenarios.

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