Wijmo FlexGridFilter on working on shared CollectionView

Posted by: selvakumar.periyasamy on 2 October 2017, 4:19 pm EST

  • Posted 2 October 2017, 4:19 pm EST

    I'm using Wijmo FlexGird for Angular 2 version Enterprise release
    I have multiple tabs in my app and each tab is going to have a grid which has to display same data source but different columns on each tab with the FlexGridFilter Icons for filtering.
    I have separate instances for the grid and filter on each tab but I have the same CollectionView as the data source across the tabs, now when i do a filter using the filter Icon on a column 1 of first tab the filter works fine, and when i navigate to the second tab I see the same data set as it's having the same CollectionView as data source. Now when I do again a filter on the column 1 of second tab the filter popup opens and when I click Apply the data is not filtered and I don't even see any errors.
    The Filter only works with the first tab and not on any other tab.
    Please help me to fix this.
  • Replied 4 October 2017, 5:36 am EST

    Hi, selvakumar,
    You need to prevent filterDefinition for FlexGrid on Tab switch and apply on the switch back to the tab. When switched to new tab, apply filter if applied before switching tab.

    Manish Kumar Gupta
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