Build agent licensing issues

Posted by: developersupport on 17 May 2021, 3:13 am EST

  • Posted 17 May 2021, 3:13 am EST

    We are using GitHub Actions to build and publish our projects and even when calling
    gclm "e88c1aa3-2781-44bb-b639-765c9ef6d15c" -d
    after every build and getting a deactivation confirmation we still get licensing errors everyone once in a while saying
    The usage of this serial key has been exceed the limit.

    Is there something we're missing?

  • Replied 17 May 2021, 3:38 pm EST


    Can you please confirm the following thing:

    1: You have same server to build every project or different server for different project?
    2: On how many machine, key is activated currently?
    3: Are you facing this issue continuously or once in while?
    4: Can you make sure that key is activated on three machine machine maximum(including dev, test and server machine).

  • Replied 18 May 2021, 1:02 am EST

    1. It's a different server every time. We are using GitHub actions with their hosted runners
    2. Currently there is 1 machine activated
    3. This only happens every once in a while, but when it does we don't have a great way of catching it
    4. The key is only activated on 1 dev machine, then during our CI build we activate the build agent, run the build, then deactivate the build agent so it should no longer be activated
  • Replied 18 May 2021, 1:12 am EST


    Is there any chance, you build different project on different server simultaneously which exceed the maximum activation of the key?

  • Replied 18 May 2021, 2:53 am EST

    This is the only project we are using ActiveReports in. The last time we got this error it was the only build that we ran within a 10 hour span that wouldn't activate, so it's not like we were running builds over and over again.
  • Replied 18 May 2021, 4:01 pm EST


    "The usage of this serial key has been exceed the limit." error occurs only when there is more than 3 activation of the key on the different machine. Can you please at your end, is there any time when key activated more than 3 time.

  • Replied 20 May 2021, 1:12 am EST

    Since we activate and deactivate it on every build I'm sure it's been activated on multiple machines, but it should only be activated on each build machine for a few minutes. That seems like a pretty common pattern for modern CI/CD usage, is that really not supported?
  • Replied 20 May 2021, 4:48 am EST


    Actually, as per AR license specification, key can only activate on three machine at a time. If in your build process, same key is activated more than 3 time at a time then you will receive error message while activating the key on 4th time.

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