ActiveReportsJS Designer Can't Import RDLX files correctly

Posted by: a.wolf on 5 February 2021, 4:56 am EST

  • Posted 5 February 2021, 4:56 am EST

    I'm currently evaluating both ActiveReports .NET and ActiveReportsJS in the hopes that the combination of these products will fit my project's needs. We need to be able to create a single report in the .NET framework and import it into the JS framework for the purposes of both scheduled task server generation as well as offline (PWA) support without having to construct the same report twice. I tried to test the functionality described here:

    First, I created an RDLX report in the end user ActiveReports 15 (.NET) evaluation edition designer with an embedded JSON data source and was successfully able to preview it.

    Second, I opened the same RDLX report in the end user ActiveReportsJS evaluation edition designer. Unfortunately, at this point I can not complete the subsequent steps described in the article. The data set can not be edited, the file can not be saved as. File -> Save As does not open a file save dialog, clicking preview does not preview the report, clicking edit on the data set does nothing. I've tried reconfiguring the embedded json data source to get it to work to no avail. At this point I'm very close to moving on to other potential solutions as I am running out of time to make a decision.
  • Replied 9 February 2021, 5:24 pm EST


    We are very sorry for the delay!

    I am not able to reproducible the issue with the attached report. Please check with the attached report and share the result. Also, Could you please share why you are using the ActiveReports.Net and ActiveReportsJS product both? You can also preview the report in the JS Framework with .Net Backend using the ActiveReports. Net only. You don't have to use the ActiveReportsJS product for this. A
    If you share the whole requirement, I will suggest you accordingly so that you don't have to purchase both products.

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    Replied 10 February 2021, 3:16 pm EST


    Thanks for the providing the detail requirement.

    >>I don't know why you're linking a test zip or what it is.
    It contains the .rdlx and .rdlx-json file.I had created the .rdlx file through the ActiveReports.Net and then open the same in the ActiveReportsJS save it in the .rdlx-json.

    Also, I am not able to replicate the issue with you report. Please refer to the attached video and report(Demo1.Zip and Report.Zip)(Please extract at your end as this Forum only supports Zip and Png File )

    Also, ActiveReports.Net supports the hide the Tablix rows on conditional basis as shown in the attached image.

    Have you tried with the latest installer of ARJS:

    Please feel free to revert if you still facing any issue, I would be more than happy to help you.

    If you need a demo call,.I can also arrange the same for you.

  • Replied 17 February 2021, 3:55 am EST

    Hello, Anthony,
    The migration from ActiveReports.NET to ActiveReportsJS is not intended to be a tool that developers use daily. Its sole purpose is to help you migrate from AR.NET to AR.JS at once, adjusting the converted reports templates if any issues arise. AR.NET and AR.JS are not designed to be used simultaneously and share the same report layout with seamless conversion. We don't support this use case.
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