How to add a new prerequisites in InstallShield Setup Project?

Posted by: fennec.byword0t on 15 November 2022, 9:00 pm EST

  • Posted 15 November 2022, 9:00 pm EST

    I am using the community edition but am not aware of any limits in this regard.

    I have imported mstscax.dll via Component |> Import Component… and selecting “ActiveX.” The component does not show up in in the component palette and editing the the DFM directly to include a TMsRdpClient[digit] component results in form builder errors stating the component can not be found.

    However it is possible to get a premade project (RDPWrap’s RDPCheck) to build and run if those errors are “Cancelled” instead of “Ignored.” It is also necessary to resolve the error mentioned here.

    In a project I have created myself I am able to add the generated file MSTSCLib_TLB to the uses clause and to add a variable of type TMsRdpClient7 to a form. In the FormCreate function (for example) I am able to call TMsRdpClient7.Create(Self) and then access the properties of the object. If I set enough properties (see below) I get the authorization popup and see the login screen after calling TMsRdpClient7.Connect.

    with RDP do


    Left := 0;

    Top := 0;

    Width := Self.Width;

    Height := Self.Height;

    Parent := Self;

    Visible := True;

    DisconnectedText := 'Disconnected.';
    UserName := '';
    Server := '';


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