ActiveReports 12.3 (Final Service Pack) Released

Posted by: mateen.firoz on 6 June 2019, 7:17 am EST

  • Posted 6 June 2019, 7:17 am EST

    I'm pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports 12.3. This will be the Final release for ActiveReports 12 Professional. However, if you are an ActiveReports Server 12 customer, there will likely be subsequent releases.

    ActiveReports 12.3:
    ActiveReports Server 12.3:

    ActiveReports Fixes:

    • 260745 - Hide Detail Row when Group Header is hidden

    • 261716 - Resolved issue with TOC Chapter numbering

    • 263379 - Fixed issue with TOC navigation

    • 265932 - Resolved issue of FormattedText control rendering with certain HTML tags

    • 266545 - Fixed spacing issue with FormattedText control

    • 266869 - Resolved OutOfMemory Exception while saving Section Reports with high resolution image

    • 266982 - Fixed HTML5 Viewer character wrapping issue in Table Column caused by sort glyphs

    • 257921 - Resolved text alignment issue after right-aligned table cell in RichTextBox

    • 264921 - Fixed "The Site Cannot be Reached" error when exporting the report to Docx format from HTML5 Viewer

    • 264923 - Fixed issue with Table column width expanding when file is Saved, Closed, and Reopened

    • 265908 - Resolved automatic page size increase when changing view mode in viewer

    • 264286 - Resolved "Out OF Memory" exception on previewing RDLX reports containing multiple subreports

    • 265901 - Lookup function caused report to consume memory while previewing

    • 268259 - Fixed issue with designer tabs being truncated in WPF applications

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      ActiveReports Server Fixes:
    • 266982 - Fixed HTML5 Viewer character wrapping issue in Table Column caused by sort glyphs

    • 266984 - Resolved issue with ActiveReports Server licenses dropping and memory leak

    • 268673 - Fixed "An item with the same key has already been added" error in ActiveReports Designer

    • 270516 - Direct link to a report in ActiveReports Server now prompts login instead of throwing Internal Server Error

    • 270604 - Fixed issue where a comma in name of Scheduled Task would throw an error

    • 269061 - Resolved issue where sort icons do not display when previewing a report on ActiveReports Server

    • 243936 - Fixed not being able to get UserContext values when previewing a report bound to a master report

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