WPF Designer Source Code (please)?

Posted by: mike on 11 May 2021, 3:11 am EST

  • Posted 11 May 2021, 3:11 am EST

    What is going on with providing source code for the updated WPF Designer?

    You have updated your Standalone Designer (GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Designer.exe), but still haven't released the source code for that in your Samples as you did with previous WinForms versions.

    Your designer sample code is very important to my company. We rely heavily on the WinForms designer that you provided, and as we've transitioned to WPF we really need your sample code for the WPF designer.

    I had previously expressed this to the salesmen about 18 months ago, who he reached out to the project manager and relayed to me the reason for not releasing these components was due to the C1 controls. He suggested I used the web designer. But our software doesn't delve into web components -- we're strictly a desktop application.

    We've been using ActiveReports for 20+ years, since v1 for COM (moved to a pro licenses shortly after for v2 for COM). Please don't leave us hanging like this.

    We'll happily license those C1 controls to save time designing a whole new WPF-based designer. Since the ComponentOne stuff is all available by Nuget, please just release the source for the WPF designer and let the customers decide if they want to license the ComponentOne stuff, or replace the C1 components. As long as you're up-front about it, I'd imagine nobody would get upset.

  • Replied 11 May 2021, 2:52 pm EST


    We don't have the WPF based designer. Current designer is also WinForms based designer. You can refer to the sample at the following location:

    I am really sorry if there is any confusion. Let me know if you have any other question.


  • Replied 12 May 2021, 4:37 am EST

    Oh that's WinForms? That's very nice looking for WinForms, well done. My mistake.

    For some reason I thought there was a WPF designer control, but I see that there's still just the GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Design.Win.dll.

    Oh well.

    It'd still be nice to have access to the updated designer's source code if at all possible. I understand if it just can't be done, but it'd be great if it could be done.
  • Replied 12 May 2021, 10:47 pm EST

    Wait a second... now I feel dumb. I never noticed the "FlatEndUserDesigner" sample project. I'm so confused now about why sales told me they couldn't give me any source code due to ComponentOne components being used when I asked about the "StandaloneDesigner" https://www.grapecity.com/activereportsnet/docs/v14/online/standalone-activereports-designer.html (which I assumed was WPF). It looks like there was just a whole lot of miscommunication going on. Anyway, never mind.
  • Replied 13 May 2021, 5:11 am EST


    We are very sorry for the confusion. Please tell me if you have any further question, I would be more than happy to help you.

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