Issue with license of AR3

Posted by: andras.lazar on 1 July 2019, 1:01 am EST

  • Posted 1 July 2019, 1:01 am EST


    I am developing a MS.Net Framework 2.0 based Windows Form application, that uses Your Active Report 3 component.

    In the bottom of the generated reports I can see a Red Evaluation Copy warning message, that is because the changes in the software cannot be released.

    We have an active license for the Active Report 3, but I was not able to apply it.

    1. Generated a HASH key successfully with the “Create Web.Config license key”.
    I believe that the license and serial number are Ok, because if I changed either name, company or serial number, the code wasn’t generated.
    2. Tried to added this key to the app.config file, then I found that the license can be activated with the SetLicense() function; none of these attempts made the evaluation copy banner disappear.

    I used Visual Studio 2015 to build the application, but I needed to install VS 2008 to be able to install Your product. Unfortunately my project cannot be loaded with VS 2008, only in VS 2015 or above. Please let me know if this is the reason of the issue.

    I can send You the license info if needed.

    Please give me advice on this matter.

    Many thanks in advance,
    András Lázár
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    Replied 1 July 2019, 2:11 am EST

    Meanwhile resolved, thanks.
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