2020 v2 just released! Find out what's new

Posted by: christopher.good on 29 July 2020, 4:11 am EST

  • Posted 29 July 2020, 4:11 am EST

    We're excited to announce the ComponentOne 2020 v2 release is now available. This release is packed with many big changes, including the first look at our .NET 5 controls, .NET Core 3.1 support, new WinForms, WPF, Blazor, and ASP.NET MVC controls, and some important licensing changes. With this release, we are also merging our Ultimate and Studio Enterprise bundles into a single bundle that gives you everything ComponentOne has to offer!

    Find Out What's New in ComponentOne 2020 v2
    Download the latest version through the C1ControlPanel
  • Replied 4 August 2020, 8:24 pm EST

    Looks good, but sadly the control panel fails to get any data from your servers with an error about a badly formed command and that I should check the proxy setting s in App.config which I cant possibly do as this is a self extracting installer. I am in China and there always seems to be a problem, with the installers you provide.
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