How do I use ICrop in IShape?

Posted by: gw.noh on 13 October 2021, 6:45 pm EST

  • Posted 13 October 2021, 6:45 pm EST

    I want to crop the image like in Excel, but I don't know how to crop in IShape.
  • Replied 14 October 2021, 12:07 am EST


    Cropping is not supported in Spread right now.
    However, we do have plans to support it in a later release [SPNET-21140].

  • Replied 14 October 2021, 10:51 am EST

    Then, where is the ICrop interface used?
  • Replied 14 October 2021, 8:45 pm EST

    The ICrop interface is currently exposed by mistake.
    It should have been marked internal.

    So, it cannot be used right now.
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