Dynamically populate/clear a List

Posted by: waldo on 21 November 2021, 5:48 pm EST

  • Posted 21 November 2021, 5:48 pm EST


    How do you dynamically or programmatically populate or clear a List?

    I created a sidepanel UI and in it is a List with hard coded items

    type: "List",
    bindingPath: "list1",
    id: "gc_list",
    className: "gc_list_container",
    items: [
    { text: 'Item 1', value: '1' },
    { text: 'Item 2', value: '2' }

    Looking at the code I see there is a way to create a List like the code below but the API documentation does not show where to access this.

    var d = new C.List(this.root, {
    type: "List",
    items: n.listContent,
    command: n.commandName,
    maxHeight: n.dropdownMaxHeight,
    wrap: !0,
    maxWidth: n.maxWidth,
    direction: 0,
    align: 0,
    useCapture: !1,
    allowSelection: !1

    An instance of this List seems to have methods/properties listed below that will be usefully to programmatically populate and control the List.
    - updateValue
    - selectedIndex
    - itemsCount
    - _items

    I'm aware you can Add a Custom Component but seeing that there is already an existing List component, it seems possible to to use this existing component.

    In addition there seems to be a multiSelectList as well. Any tip in using that will be helpful as well.

    Thank you

  • Replied 22 November 2021, 8:18 pm EST

    Hi Waldo,

    We are sorry but the List type is an internal type, we cannot use it directly in the code. The only way to define a list is by specifying the List type in the config. It does not support dynamic values, after updating the list values, you need to register the component/dialog.

    For supporting dynamic values, you need to create a custom component by inheriting from the AtomicComponent:

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