Watermarks arent displaying on top of subreports

Posted by: daniel on 21 September 2020, 6:44 am EST

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    Posted 21 September 2020, 6:44 am EST

    Just looking for some help with C1 FlexReports for UWP. We’ve noticed that the watermarks dont appear above subreports. Does anyone have a work around or is this in the roadmap to be fixed?

  • Posted 22 September 2020, 6:32 pm EST


    We are not able to replicate the issue with the attached report. Could you please either modify the attached report or provide your own stripped-down report so that we can try to reproduce the same behavior at our end and assist you further accordingly.​​

    Thanks, Mohit test (2).zip

  • Posted 23 September 2020, 3:31 am EST


    So Im adding the watermark in code. I setup the report much like I would have it in my project. The text covered the watermark as best I could tell.

    This is the code I’m using to load the watermark on the report.

    private void ReportViewer_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { var reportViewer = (C1FlexViewer)sender; reportViewer.ZoomMode = FlexViewerZoomMode.WholePage; var Report = new C1FlexReport(); var asm = GetType().GetTypeInfo().Assembly; using (var stream = asm.GetManifestResourceStream(“TestWatermarkProject.Assets.test.flxr”)) { Report.Load(stream, “Report 1”); } Report.Watermark.Font.Size = 42; Report.Watermark.Text = “Unapproved” + System.Environment.NewLine + “Release to Public”; Report.Watermark.Visibility = WatermarkVisibility.AllPages; Report.Watermark.Opacity = 0.2;

            reportViewer.DocumentSource = null;
            reportViewer.DocumentSource = Report;


  • Posted 24 September 2020, 4:51 am EST


    I am able to reproduce the issue. I have escalated the issue to the development team (465381) and will inform you once I get any updates from them.

    Thanks, Mohit

  • Posted 6 October 2020, 1:26 am EST


    A watermark is invisible because the background color of the Report2 detail section is solid black. Make is transparent to see a watermark. I attached the fixed Test1.flxr for the demo.

    Thanks, Mohit


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