Flexgrid in angular material dialog - column filter close on every click

Posted by: brezodejan on 11 September 2019, 8:39 pm EST

  • Posted 11 September 2019, 8:39 pm EST


    Flexgrid is positioned within material modal. When column picker opens, there is no way to change anything, because column filter close on click. This bug comes with one of the latest versions of wijmo. Can you help to fix this issue?

  • Replied 12 September 2019, 3:24 pm EST


    We were able to replicate the issue at our end and we have forwarded a bug report to the dev team with internal tracking id 390659. We will give you an update as soon as this issue is fixed. Until then, you may add the following CSS in your global stylesheet as a workaround:
    .wj-dropdown-panel {
    pointer-events: auto !important;

    Refer to this sample below:


  • Marked as Answer

    Replied 13 October 2019, 8:40 pm EST


    The issue has been fixed in the latest nightly build of wijmo. You may verify the same using the sample below:


    PS: Nightly builds have not passed through the QA cycles as all of our release builds do. Therefore, they are not suitable in production environment.

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