Sorting on measures/value field not working properly with totalsBeforeData

Posted by: janiel.custodio on 1 July 2021, 2:53 am EST

  • Posted 1 July 2021, 2:53 am EST

    PivotGrid measures are not being sorted properly when totalsBeforeData is enabled.

    To reproduce this bug, setup a pivot grid with 2 row fields and at least 1 value field.
    Make sure totalsBeforeData is true for the pivotEngine. Sort the value field column by either by clicking on the column header or through code. Notice that the values under the grouping is not being sorted in this setup while if totalsBeforeData is false it works just fine.
  • Replied 1 July 2021, 9:19 pm EST

    Hi Janiel,

    I was able to replicate this issue. I have created a bug report with an internal tracking id WJM-20340. I will update you once this issue is fixed.

  • Replied 4 July 2021, 10:04 am EST

    Hi Ashwin,

    Please do.

  • Replied 7 July 2021, 4:36 pm EST


    Any updates on this?
  • Replied 8 July 2021, 4:05 pm EST

    Hi Janiel,

    The issue has been fixed but hasn't been released publically. I will share a sample with the fix as soon as this build is released on NPM.

  • Replied 6 September 2021, 4:38 pm EST

    Hi Janiel,

    The issue has been fixed in the latest nightly build of Wijmo. You can verify the same using the sample link below:

    PS: Nightly builds have not passed through the QA cycles as all of our release builds do. Therefore, they are not suitable for production environment.

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