WPF Flexviewer/PDFViewer problems

Posted by: sebastian-jn.k on 9 September 2021, 12:04 am EST

  • Posted 9 September 2021, 12:04 am EST

    assembly versions (latest) 4.5.20212.747

    Problem 1:
    C1flexviewer ZIndex :
    We have a problem with the c1flexviewer ZIndex property.
    If the Panel.ZIndex is set to 1 or higher the flexviewer stays always on top especially the C1FlexViewerPane.
    The c1pdfviewer control work as usual and the zindex order works fine.
    You can switch the visibility hidden/visibile from flexviewer and pdfviewer in the added sample project, to see the differences.
    The red button from the sample project should stay always on top, in both viewers.

    Problem 2:
    C1Flexviewer Layouttransform.Scaletransform:
    The grid in the sample project has a scaletransform added (factor 1.5).
    The toolbar from flexviewer is scaled nicely but the C1FlexViewerPane goes wrong.
    If you zoom into the document horizontal/vertical scrollbars appears, but you cannot hit them with the mouse, because of a broken hitbox.
    The text marker tool work not appropriate too, relation between mouse and text is broken.
    If you use the pdfviewer control the scrollbars works fine.

    Problem 3:
    Alot of pdf files are not showed correctly like that one in the sample project.
    flexviewer can show all my tested pdf files without problems.
    what's the problem with the pdfviewer. I checked version 4.0.20192 and 4.5.2 20212.

    So, i'm in a dilemma.
    I cannot use the pdfviewer because of problem 3. If i use the flexviewer i hit problem 1 and 2.

    greetings from germany

  • Replied 9 September 2021, 1:28 am EST

    ok 7zip may not work another try with zipC1FlexViewerProblems.zip
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    Replied 12 September 2021, 10:16 pm EST

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for providing the sample.

    1. JFYI, FlexViewerPane is not specific to WPF i.e. it is a DxHost Component hosted in WPF. And Panel.ZIndex only works on UIElements. So, sorry to inform you that, it's not possible to set ZIndex on FlexViewer. Because this is by design.

    2. FlexViewerPane is not specific to WPF, that's why ScaleTransform isn't sets on FlexViewerPane.
    Howeverer, you can set LayoutTransform on FlexViewerPane in FlexViewer's Loaded event as : (see code snippet)

    XAML code :
    <ScaleTransform x:Name="gridScale" ScaleX="1.5" ScaleY="1.5"/>

    CS code:
    private void FlexViewer_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    (sender as C1FlexViewer).Pane.LayoutTransform = gridScale;

    3. We suggests you to use FlexViewer instead PdfViewer. Because PdfViewer is in maintenance mode and not under active development.

    Please refer the attached sample for the same : WPF_Flexviewer.zip

    Best Regards,

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