Build your Spread projects on a remote server


To build yout Spread .NET project on a remote server, typically users will try to license their server but this leads to licensing activation issues. Instead of licensing the remote server the user can create a build license to bake the Spread .NET licensing into the project making it so customer can build their projects on the remove server.

Steps to Complete:

Activate using the Command prompt

Getting Started:

1. Exclude the licenses.licx file

2. Copy the .licenses file

3. Include the .licenses file

4. Change the Build Action


Step 1: Exclude the licenses.licx file

Find the license.licx file in the Solution Explorer window, right-click and select Exclude from project

Step 2: Copy the .licenses file

Open the projects folder and find the .licenses file in the obj/{configuration} folder:

For example:

Copy the file to the project folder and remain it from {target}.{ext}.licenses to {ext}.licenses

Step 3: Include the .licenses file

Right-click on the {ext}.licenses file within VS’s Solution Explorer and select Include in Project:

Step 4: Change the Build Action

Change the Build Action of the {ext}.licenses from the Content to Embedded Resource

The project with the license being built and linked inside of the project, users can build the project without requiring a developer license activated on the remote server.

Here is a link to our documentation on more information on Creating a Build License:


Mackenzie Albitz